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a portrait showing the body from only the waist up

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representing only the upper half of the body

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abridged to half its original length

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To give the greater force to his words, he checked himself in an involuntary imitation of two half-length stretching and yawning figures on the mantel-shelf, who were represented as in one eternal state of weariness from the waist upwards; and hummed a fragment of a song.
There was not much to amuse in the room; of which the most attractive feature was, a half-length portrait in oil, of Mr Mantalini, whom the artist had depicted scratching his head in an easy manner, and thus displaying to advantage a diamond ring, the gift of Madame Mantalini before her marriage.
As early as 1670 an unsympathetic commentator had remarked of paintings like the 1653 Aristotle with a Bust of Homer (similar, though not in the exhibition) that high art did not lie in "draped half-lengths with only the tip of the nose illuminated, the rest being left so dark that one cannot identify the source of light.
It is fog-free on both sides of its antiglare and antistatic surface and features breathable foam headpieces, full or half-lengths, solid or vented foam, and Velcro or elastic straps.
But in fact such half-lengths were a rare innovation, not a familiar genre, when La Vecchia was painted circa 1507 (see Junkerman, cited in notes and bibliography).