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a half of an hour

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Off the clock: North Korea has decided to join Iran in setting its time a half-hour off the usual world time zones.
UBER broker Deny Lenz takes viewers on a journey into the "Secret Lives of the Super Rich," in CNBC's new half-hour primetime series premiering tonight (Wednesday) at 9 p.
Distributor: Trifecta Entertainment Notebook: Half-hour animated access magazine, barter.
Evans was Celts' star man, netting after 60, 70 and 85 minutes after Iwan Williams had tucked away a half-hour penalty, while Machno's goals came from Gareth Griffith (2) and Mick Roberts.
The purpose: To gather more than 55 hours of tape that FSN would edit into at least five originally produced half-hour shows, beginning next week.
Routes 16 and 18 will be diverted through Shakespeare Avenue every half-hour and route 68 will also provide a half-hourly service.
A health insurer's credentialing staff can spend anywhere from a half-hour to two hours verifying one doctor's paper application.
Half-hour daily television program featuring news, agribusiness, markets, weather and lifestyle features.
Rodney (ABC) Production Team: Ric Swartzlander Format: Half-Hour Comedy Based on Rodney Carrington's stand-up routine.
Teri Einfeldt, a member of the violin faculty at the Hartt School in Hartford, Connecticut, and an internationally known Suzuki teacher trainer, shares her menu for a half-hour violin lesson for a seven- or eight-year-old in the second or third year of study.
Welcome to the roving set of AMERICAN FORESTS' "Tree Stories," a weekly half-hour series debuting nationwide on public television the week of April 6 (check your local listings).
A In the past, some diagnostic criteria for the glucose tolerance test used data from the half-hour specimen.
After having enormous success in its partnership with Def Comedy Jam, the Simmons imprimatur and exploding popularity of slam poetry impelled HBO to showcase the "Def Poetry Jam" in a half-hour special to be filmed in Aspen, Colorado.
In the co-op, people earned one half-hour coupon by providing one half-hour of baby-sitting services.
This isn't a risk if you run 5Ks or run a routine half-hour a day.