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a day on which half is free from work or duty

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Dolge Orlick was at work and present, next day, when I reminded Joe of my half-holiday.
If Young Pip has a half-holiday, do as much for Old Orlick.
Why, what'll you do with a half-holiday, if you get it?
Then, as in general you stick to your work as well as most men," said Joe, "let it be a half-holiday for all.
I asked him presently whether he had been spending his half-holiday up and down town?
Grummer, in the then disturbed state of public feeling (for it was half-holiday, and the boys had not yet gone home), as resolutely protested against walking on the opposite side of the way, and taking Mr.
I think, boys,' said the schoolmaster when the clock struck twelve, 'that I shall give an extra half-holiday this afternoon.
He had the feeling of unexplained excitement with which, on half-holidays at school, he used to start off into the unknown.
He began to read and read greedily, he won all the literature prizes, and even on half-holidays he could hardly be driven out to join in the games of his comrades, preferring rather to sit in the quiet schoolroom translating from Latin or French, and even when he was driven forth he went book in hand.
As the workday shortened, so the work week rearranged, with "Saint Monday" becoming a full workday, and Saturday a half-holiday.