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Synonyms for half-dozen

denoting a quantity consisting of six items or units

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The half-dozen who were peering at the chain were still among the wheels, like sheep; the wheels turned so suddenly that they were lucky to save their skins and bones; they had very little else to save, or they might not have been so fortunate.
The native warriors filed out, and with them a half-dozen white men.
Pickwick was right--the firing ceased; but he had scarcely time to congratulate himself on the accuracy of his opinion, when a quick movement was visible in the line; the hoarse shout of the word of command ran along it, and before either of the party could form a guess at the meaning of this new manoeuvre, the whole of the half-dozen regiments, with fixed bayonets, charged at double-quick time down upon the very spot on which Mr.
There was a moment of intense bewilderment, a heavy tramp of footsteps, a violent concussion, a smothered laugh; the half-dozen regiments were half a thousand yards off, and the soles of Mr.
More than a dozen times, when bills figuring up into the hundreds of dollars were falling due, I applied to the white men of Tuskegee for small loans, often borrowing small amounts from as many as a half-dozen persons, to meet our obligations.
Indeed he had enough to do, to run his eye backward and forward along the half-dozen men who immediately fronted him, and settle hurriedly within himself at which of them he would strike first, when they pressed on him.
I had covered some hundred yards from shore when it became evident that my pursuer must grasp the stern of the skiff within the next half-dozen strokes.
I may not have strength enough, in the case supposed, to betray you by making a complete confession with my own lips; but I can employ my last breath to speak the half-dozen words which will tell the doctor where he is to look.
Cabela's ACComplice arrows ($90/ half-dozen w/Blazer Vanes; $175/dozen bare shafts) are made of carbon fibers and an epoxy resin matrix bonded to a precision 7075 aerospace alloy core tube, and then they are polished to a smooth, nine-micron finish.
Thorton was abreast of him and a bare half-dozen strokes away .
Despite tons of hype -- there were about a half-dozen promos for it during lead-in "Heroes" -- the show managed to average a mere 8.
DALLAS, TX -- Novice collector Jacob Fostal thought he was making a $3,500 investment when he bought a half-dozen rare, vintage skateboards on eBay, but he is beginning to doubt the boards' value.
Through a half-dozen schemes--all of which are based on tricky accounting supervised by the UNDP--the UN envisions a drive to "unlock $7 trillion .
The big advantage is that one operator can keep track of a half-dozen extrusion lines with split-screen viewing.
At press time Van Kleeck was waiting to hear from a half-dozen people who expressed an interest in the tree.