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a United States coin worth half of a dollar

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th] Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Gold Proof Coin (product code K15) - price to be determined
It was nearly three weeks before he recovered enough to understand the two half-dollar sized pieces of shrapnel from the exploding mortar round had severely injured his lung and severed his spinal cord, resulting in complete paraplegia below the chest and partial loss of use of his right ant and hand.
A quarter will fit loosely inside a one-inch pipe, but a half-dollar won't fit.
When I round financial data to the nearest half-dollar, I use the ROUND function, and while it works fine, a colleague told me the MROUND function is even better.
Congressman Jeff Miller wants the half-dollar coin move.
Average asking rents fell by more than a half-dollar, to $27.
The homeowner, whom police declined to identify, found a hole the size of a half-dollar on the outside of a side wall, about 4 feet from the ground under a window, according to Sgt.
Because the median Cuban salary amounts to little more than a half-dollar a day, however, that change will benefit largely the country's small upper middle class.
A new nickel, possibly in 2003, a dime in 2004, half-dollar in '05, and finally a new penny in '06.
Bush, aged 55, suffered an abrasion on his left cheek the size of a half-dollar and a bruise on his lower lip from falling on to the floor from a couch.
Filling out the collection are sixteen pages of photographs, a couple clutches of poems, essays on epitaphs and recommended books, student evaluations of a Williams poetry reading and a test given to Wake Forest students in 1973 (sample question: "What drunkard's last half-dollar climbs, with how sad feet, the sky over town?
held up a bicentennial half-dollar and said, 'It says 200 years of freedom.
DataPlay introduced a disk about the size of a half-dollar that is capable of storing digital images, audio and multimedia presentations.
Because the Clean Air Act will make it necessary to include scrubbers on incinerators by the end of this year, she says, more and more facilities will find it necessary to pay for the removal of used pads as a biohazard, at a cost of a third to a half-dollar per pound.