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a United States coin worth half of a dollar

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Some 50,000 $5 gold coins, 400,000 $1 silver coins and 750,000 half-dollar alloy-clad coins will be produced.
Got some old pennies, drummer boy quarters, and a half-dollar engraved by my friend Joe Burns.
Because the median Cuban salary amounts to little more than a half-dollar a day, however, that change will benefit largely the country's small upper middle class.
The 1916 Walking Liberty half-dollar, depicting a graceful Lady Liberty, gave way to the Benjamin Franklin half-dollar in 1947.
The infection causes nonhealing sores that can be the size of a half-dollar or larger and that look like boils.
The results showed that I had a growth the size of a half-dollar coin on the wall of the ascending colon.
The infection causes nonhealing sores that resemble boils; they can be the size of a half-dollar or larger.
It was nearly three weeks before he recovered enough to understand the two half-dollar sized pieces of shrapnel from the exploding mortar round had severely injured his lung and severed his spinal cord, resulting in complete paraplegia below the chest and partial loss of use of his right ant and hand.
On a small table on your back patio or yard, close to a window, you have five coins: a penny, a nickel, a dime, a quarter, and a half-dollar or a paper dollar crumpled into a ball if you don't have a half dollar, along with a ball-point pen or a pencil.
When I round financial data to the nearest half-dollar, I use the ROUND function, and while it works fine, a colleague told me the MROUND function is even better.
Congressman Jeff Miller wants the half-dollar coin move.
The conniving couple (later identified as James Tweatt, 38, and Cindy Wilson, 29) stole a handgun, and a number of gold coins, silver dollars and half-dollar coins Mr.
Average asking rents fell by more than a half-dollar, to $27.
A new nickel, possibly in 2003, a dime in 2004, half-dollar in '05, and finally a new penny in '06.
I would like a start or seeds for a half-dollar plant," says Effie Conrad.