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driven insane

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Perhaps I'd better pick a night bus in case the driver is half-crazed with thirst and desperate for a nicotine hit, I'd said to a friend.
I felt half-crazed with guilt -- wanted to apologize to every dark face that passed mine.
They were veterans of the music business and journalism respectively, and their day jobs involved managing a bunch of half-crazed eccentrics.
Besides wondering whether another hunter has already taken the beast you scouted before the season, you recognize that the times when you stood the best chance of getting one--in the first days of the season, before hunter pressure became an issue, or just before the peak of the rut when deer where chasing does in a half-crazed, less alert state of mind--has slipped away and you have little to show for it.
The conditions that make it possible to even contemplate building a city in the shape of a pineapple owe as much to the half-crazed search for another El Dorado as they do to the hopeless naivety of the government officials who either commissioned the plans, or worse, sanctioned them.
All this thanks to the wild machinations of a little known, publicity-seeking and half-crazed Florida pastor, the Rev.
Therefore, I offer a few small rules to navigate the misery of labels in our half-crazed society.
A sales opportunity is lost, a potential customer cannot slake his thirst, and a half-crazed Englishman starts ranting to his pals and ruins their day.
This wonder of course involved the transformation of works by a half-crazed bohemian outsider into objects of phenomenal value.
He seemed manic, half-crazed and was stinking of booze.
Milton gives all the best lines to the horned one, who is half-crazed but hellishly charismatic - Darth Vader stripped of the asthma attacks.
Gibson's film serves up bloodthirsty Jews and Romans stripping, mocking, scourging, and beating Christ, mutilating his flesh until it is nearly unrecognizable and then parading him triumphantly before a half-crazed mob.
Woolf conjectured that frustrated female geniuses became lonely, half-crazed recluses, mocked and feared as witches with extraordinary powers.
A half-crazed Orestes awakes and begs Menelaus for help against the people, who are about to order his death by stoning.