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driven insane

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Things really get going on Friday night when Gruff Rhys and his band of Welsh wizards SUPER FURRY ANIMALS, who have 20 Top 40 hits to their name, will play a set of stomping, half-crazed pop.
A sales opportunity is lost, a potential customer cannot slake his thirst, and a half-crazed Englishman starts ranting to his pals and ruins their day.
This wonder of course involved the transformation of works by a half-crazed bohemian outsider into objects of phenomenal value.
He seemed manic, half-crazed and was stinking of booze.
Milton gives all the best lines to the horned one, who is half-crazed but hellishly charismatic - Darth Vader stripped of the asthma attacks.
Mr Lockyer's sweaty, hyper-anxious, half-crazed Roderigo is the very image of a pathetic dreamer obsessed by Desdemona but continually bruised by his collisions with the frustrating human brick wall which is Antony Sher's vacillating, contemptuous, multifaceted Iago.
A half-crazed Orestes awakes and begs Menelaus for help against the people, who are about to order his death by stoning.
In one scene Kelvin casts his visitor into outer space in despair and Clooney himself seems half-crazed with anguish as he performs the deed.
Apocalypse Now, famous for its half-crazed soldier who loves ``the smell of napalm in the morning'', was originally intended as a modest comment on the Vietnam War by its writer, but was transformed by director Francis Ford Coppola, whose vision of a malaria-ridden mission through the Vietnamese jungle gripped worldwide cinema audiences.
I can still listen to half-crazed talk show cranks.
We first hear Sappho's hidden history from Luke Sawyer, the character who rescues the "poor, ruined, half-crazed creature," then named Mabelle Beaubean, from the "vile den" of prostitution (260).
The reader is led to believe that the dying officer is smuggled into Havana by a half-crazed charcoal vendor so that he may escape to New York, where he hopes to be reunited with his ex-girlfriend.
On a cottony summer day, while men work the hot fields, children romp in wood and water and cows twitch their tails, Jacob, in his sheriff's role, has to deal with a tramp dead in the woods, cause unknown, and a stricken, half-crazed woman from the religious commune on the edge of town, cause unknown.
Or, now that the threat of the former Soviet Union is gone, some half-crazed leader of a rogue nation unleashes a nuclear weapon against the United States or an allied nation that escalates into the mother of all wars.
He turned first one way and then another, half-crazed with frustration, disappointment and scalding resentment.