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confusion resulting from lack of preparation

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First of all some half-cocked survey finds that the kids of working mothers have poorer exam results than those of stay-at-home mums - so working mums are condemned.
Channel 5's entrance into the exacting domain of live World Cup TV presentation was tawdry, half-baked and half-cocked.
In truth, she went there a bit half-cocked and after that we gave her a proper break.
His counsel, Michael O'Higgins said Donegan had panicked and tried to get rid of the drugs in a half-cocked manner.
Trainers are often loath to run a horse half-cocked on its first run back over jumps, as a half-fit horse will be more likely to tire and injure itself.
Gatting said: "If I could do the job properly I would like to be a selector - I wouldn't want to go into it half-cocked.
The races are hard to win there and there is no point going in half-cocked.
You never want to be going into those races half-cocked.
Just as damaging is the way in which the jockey has to keep his mount half-cocked to dash for a gap and is never on as even a keel as he would wish.
They also stick to one message: something Downing Street failed to do this summer when contradictory briefings were given in response to David Milib and's half-cocked leadership challenge.
But, as EDI incisively points out to Master Ben, he just learns by watching and wasn't it Ben, after all, who disobeyed a superior's orders and flew off half-cocked through the streets of Rangoon, imploding buildings and giving terrorists a little taste of their own medicine?
And that's just one of the dubious aspects of a half-cocked scheme that has been announced before even being discussed with pilots because the Americans demanded it.
The half-cocked show of unity against Wolves in midweek served, in Alan Hansen's view, only to paper over the cracks.
Birmingham Bullets went off half-cocked from the outset and were left staring down the barrel of defeat by an organised London Towers at the NEC last night.
The summer months have their own absorbing distractions, but always there is the ear half-cocked for relevant (and very often irrelevant) information that may inform a four-day racemeeting seven or eight months hence.