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inadequately clothed

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Feminist regiments don't see grey, only black and white: if a drunken and half-clothed woman takes a man home with her, gets into bed with him and at the last second changes her mind, the chap must always obey her.
In one episode in June, according to HRW, a government truck dumped 18 naked and half-clothed bodies near a camp for displaced Rohingya, describing it as an attempt to scare them into leaving.
There were people running down half-clothed, clutching on to their kids, spouses or passports, and madly dashing down.
I would love to see our culture despite some half-clothed women walking to please men.
We have three months of summer to go and God knows how many more half-clothed men to suffer.
Some of the children were half-clothed, having been pulled out of PE lessons.
To which Parks replied: "If I get stopped going 80 miles an hour with a half-clothed Supreme Court justice in my car, we're both history.
Miley knows she can't be Hannah forever but her wholesome image has already been rocked by a sexed-up photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine in which she posed half-clothed.
Jochen Arndt's MASAKO (393771829X) features both black and white and color photos of women both half-clothed and nude.
I gazed upon a wild paradise of men, some half-clothed, others fully undressed, moving to the synthesized pulse of '70s disco.
The new allegations come as officials try to diffuse a storm of criticism over the treatment of prisoners in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, where recent pictures show half-clothed detainees being forced to pose in sexually humiliating positions with US troops.
One study showed that 64 per cent of women love to get down and dirty with a half-clothed man.
But dealing with a half-clothed and irate 65-year-old who's just been told she can't have a peek-a-boo bra because they don't come in 36F is something I'm quite happy to leave to Tory ministers and off-duty vicars, thank you very much.