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an offensive term for the offspring of parents of different races or cultures

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While this nuance somewhat plays out in the film through the use of terms such as half-caste, full-blood, tribal, station black, etc.
At the beginning of the Patusan section, the narrative signals the abandonment of the realistic mode by a piece of pseudo-Dickensian malapropism from the half-caste captain of the brig that takes Jim to Patusan.
What this meant was that some of the eleven children of Annie and Ahwang might be Aboriginal (if they habitually associated or were under sixteen), some were half-caste, and some were neither Aboriginal nor half-caste.
Our mothers used to paint us with charcoal, but when we swam in the river our colour would come back and they would know we were half-castes.
McKay's profession of "sympathy" for the "unfortunate half-caste girl" can be read as an assertion of her own class status and a legitimation of her right to intervene.
It is not casual that it is the half-caste, and not the police, who crosses the border and goes after the priest.
Thomas seemingly gave up on instituting the legislation necessary to alter the legal status of Anglo-Africans, however he continued to restrict the rights of Anglo-Africans he regarded as "natives"; for instance, he forbid the "sale of liquor to a particular half-caste who was living [in] native fashion".
In the 1960s a lot of half-caste Arabs ( ie my dad and a lot of his friends ( changed their names to integrate and become accepted.
I have a Jamaican mother who has a white father and my father is Chinese, I am of a light skinned complexion; the ignorant or less articulate Scouser would describe me as half-caste or an exotic mongrel.
They played a big and special part in my life, and accepted me into their home - even though I wasa half-caste.
1) The Chief Protector shall be entitled at any time to undertake the care, custody, or control of any Aboriginal or half-caste, if, in his opinion it is necessary or desirable in the interests of the Aboriginal or half-caste for him to do so, and for that purpose may enter any premises where the Aboriginal or half-caste is or is supposed to be, and may take him into his custody.
The half-caste out here falls between two stools, that's the truth.
Their sheer number effectively renders obsolete the bibliographies in recently published works such as Moser and Rooney's "A Half-Caste," Diana Birchall's Onoto Watanna: The Story of Winnifred Eaton (2001), Dominika Ferens's Edith and Winnifred Eaton: Chinatown Missions and Japanese Romances (2002), and my book The Literary Voices of Winnifred Eaton (2002) and entry for Eaton in Asian American Short Story Writers: An A-to-Z Guide (2003).
For example, the "anti-racists" have attempted to used the claimed "stolen generation" of half-caste Aboriginal children in order to attack Australian society.
He was a splendid half-caste, a mulatto as they were called in the Caribbean, as good as he was handsome.