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an offensive term for the offspring of parents of different races or cultures

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And did anyone really seriously think that certain people would ever allow the presumed future king of England to have an illegitimate, Moslem, half-caste, half-brother?
The book simply focuses on sad little Mary, an Aboriginal girl who lives on a red and dusty cattle station and suffers ostracism because she is half-caste (sic).
3) The vast majority of half-castes were half-caste Maori-Europeans, who were further distinguished on the basis of those who lived as Maori (i.
Kidman and Jackman sparkle together and the narrative threads are pulled together by Brandon Walters as half-caste boy Nullah.
Based on a true-story book by Doris Pilkington Garimara and also made by an Australian director, Phillip Noyce (Clear and Present Danger), Rabbit-Proof Fence brilliantly illustrated how half-caste children were snatched to work in white society.
With the help of rough diamond and romantic interest Drover (Hugh Jackman) and Nullah (Brandon Walters, who serves as narrator), the half-caste aboriginal boy who stirs her maternal instincts, she intends to drive her 1500 head of cattle across the Northern Territory to sell them as army beef in Darwin, secretly watched over by Nullah's mystic grandfather (David Gulpilil).
Topics considered range from half-caste peoples in Samoa to race improvement in the Philippines and Australia to how to maintain proper distance from slaves in Louisiana.
At the age of three, when her mother became ill, she was taken to Derby Hospital, where a doctor advised the police to 'take the little half-caste child before her mother gets used to her'.
1) These are the thoughts of the whiskey priest whom the half-caste accompanies on the way to Carmen.
In the 1960s a lot of half-caste Arabs ( ie my dad and a lot of his friends ( changed their names to integrate and become accepted.
I have a Jamaican mother who has a white father and my father is Chinese, I am of a light skinned complexion; the ignorant or less articulate Scouser would describe me as half-caste or an exotic mongrel.
They played a big and special part in my life, and accepted me into their home - even though I wasa half-caste.
1) The Chief Protector shall be entitled at any time to undertake the care, custody, or control of any Aboriginal or half-caste, if, in his opinion it is necessary or desirable in the interests of the Aboriginal or half-caste for him to do so, and for that purpose may enter any premises where the Aboriginal or half-caste is or is supposed to be, and may take him into his custody.
For example, the "anti-racists" have attempted to used the claimed "stolen generation" of half-caste Aboriginal children in order to attack Australian society.