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One of the trappers of Sublette's brigade, a half-breed named Antoine Godin, now mounted his horse, and rode forth as if to hold a conference.
The trappers now sallied forth and approached the swamp, firing into the thickets at random; the Blackfeet had a better sight at their adversaries, who were in the open field, and a half-breed was wounded in the shoulder.
On the top of some of the packs were perched several half-breed children, perfect little imps, with wild black eyes glaring from among elf locks.
That was fair of Francois, he decided, and the half-breed began his rise in Buck's estimation.
Agriculture and natural genetic resources) - The conservation of genetic resources primitive horses and half-breeds, Klikowa k.
Within mainstream media, how Aboriginal people were portrayed was problematic because this included "decades of Western movies replete with bloodthirsty savages, shifty half-breeds, stoic warriors and exotic Indian Princesses in buckskin.
I've started a series titled The Legendary Saga which is a tale told about half-breeds, individuals defined by having angelic or demonic blood and it hits the market this summer.
These very half-breeds make up at least 75 to 80 percent of the park's traffic.
Somebody forgot to remember the demands of Chief Alligator and Micanopy Who said they wouldn't move West without the guarantee That the dark-skinned black and half-breeds among them Would be allowed to come with.
To satisfy any claims existing in connection with the extinguishment of the Indian title, preferred by half-breeds resident in the North-West Territories outside of the limits of Manitoba, on the fifteenth day of July, one thousand eight hundred and seventy, by granting land to such persons, to such extent and on such terms and conditions, as may be deemed expedient; (22)
Quickly becoming a minority within Manitoba, the French-Catholic Metis and English-Protestant Half-Breeds, who had together risen against Canadian expansionism, subsequently lost to legislative reform and bureaucratic incompetence many of the rights that they had secured for themselves by negotiating the province's entry into Confederation.
By we, I mean every single Mexican-American in the Southwest United States, even the half-breeds like me, regardless of how deep their family's American roots may go.
He was very lightly raced on the Flat, although he did win the Derby for half-breeds, so he has got quality on the Flat.
Otherwise the authors should use the proper names for our cultures; First Nations are status Indians (a political term), Metis (politically correct term for Metis, Metis, Michif and half-breeds like me), and Inuit (politically correct term for Eskimo).
But he is thrust back from damnation and spends his time battling the demonic half-breeds on earth in the hope that his actions will eventually buy him a place in Heaven.