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Synonyms for half-breed

an offensive term for an offspring of parents of different races (especially of Caucasian and American Indian ancestry)

(of animals) having only one purebred parent

References in classic literature ?
Here the two rival companies had their encampments, with their retainers of all kinds: traders, trappers, hunters, and half-breeds, assembled from all quarters, awaiting their yearly supplies, and their orders to start off in new directions.
The story as I first heard it is as follows: An old prospector who was very sick wandered into a small half-breed encampment on the North Saskatchewan River a few miles north of the mouth of Brazeau River.
SCRAGGLE-PUSS, an eight-month-old half-breed Persian tom-cat, had a taste for the finer things in life, namely tinned dog food.
The Encyclopedia Britannica calls him simply "Canadian agitator," but cannot check the impulse to take sides: calling Riel "flighty, vain and mystical," it allows the half-breed leader only one compliment--he died "meeting his fate with courage.
Eros is a half-breed whose adoptive family is wiped out in a raid; Kora is his opposite, the ruler of a Sepharon territory whose people would rather see her brother on the throne.
s brains out on the wagon wheel, and felt no remorse because in his words, the kid was a half-breed.
Virgil himself is a half-breed, although indigenous and with a good education, including a law degree.
My father, whose remote, intellectual manner similarly hides a deep well of empathetic warmth, identified with the Vulcan half-breed, whose lack of emotional expression didn't mean he didn't have them, and my mother loved Spock because she loved my dad.
My mom was to have been deported to Japan, along with fellow half-breed and pure Japanese, had she and Dad not gotten married.
The first covers 19th century, women's, and half-breed perspectives; the second looks at the historical genesis of ethnic identity in one group, at economic exchange, and at newly found writings of Louis Riel.
30PM When the vampires plan to resurrect the original vampire Dracula and support his attempts to bring about Armageddon - half-breed hero, Blade, (Wesley Snipes) finds himself outmatched and outnumbered.
4 million acres of federal Crown lands for "the benefit of Half-Breed families" with the explicit objective of extinguishing the "Indian title" of the Metis and "Half-Breeds.
threw Tootsie Rolls / at the half-breed / me Later / darker / in the
There could well be all sorts of half-breed deer running around Kielder next year.
Nobody did but somebody shoulda Told those Indians Holed up at Wowoka in Oklahoma About the half-breed Seminole John Horse Who founded that town, Who fought with Osceola and Wildcat Who traveled to Washington Who for being Black was forced to flee to Mexico In search of an elusive justice he never received.