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Synonyms for half-breed

an offensive term for an offspring of parents of different races (especially of Caucasian and American Indian ancestry)

(of animals) having only one purebred parent

References in classic literature ?
The trappers now sallied forth and approached the swamp, firing into the thickets at random; the Blackfeet had a better sight at their adversaries, who were in the open field, and a half-breed was wounded in the shoulder.
On the top of some of the packs were perched several half-breed children, perfect little imps, with wild black eyes glaring from among elf locks.
Here the two rival companies had their encampments, with their retainers of all kinds: traders, trappers, hunters, and half-breeds, assembled from all quarters, awaiting their yearly supplies, and their orders to start off in new directions.
That was fair of Francois, he decided, and the half-breed began his rise in Buck's estimation.
Virgil himself is a half-breed, although indigenous and with a good education, including a law degree.
Haultain's claims, however, excluded "any lands granted by the Dominion for homesteads or pre-emptions or in settlement of half-breed claims.
The new monsters in the game called lycans will stand as an important enemy to players of "The Order: 1886's" single-player campaign, and Ready At Dawn seriously made sure that the danger was connected to each half-breed werewolves' appearance.
The first covers 19th century, women's, and half-breed perspectives; the second looks at the historical genesis of ethnic identity in one group, at economic exchange, and at newly found writings of Louis Riel.
Nekropolis: Dead Streets" continues the adventures of zombie detective Matt Richter and his vampire half-breed companion Devona in the unique city that is a sanctuary of ghouls, ghosts, witches, and every variety of undead imaginable (and some that are unimaginable
30PM When the vampires plan to resurrect the original vampire Dracula and support his attempts to bring about Armageddon - half-breed hero, Blade, (Wesley Snipes) finds himself outmatched and outnumbered.
Savvy, sexy and full of surprises, Lover's Betrayal challenges what most lovers of vampire lore think they know about their beloved species, and the "misfits of the lore" -- half-breed immortals who have been forsaken by their clans and by the immortal elite -- are themselves a paranormal fictional creation guaranteed to delight.
There could well be all sorts of half-breed deer running around Kielder next year.
We tried most of the breeds and originally bought the Lleyn to cross with Texel for a half-breed commercial ewe we could put to the Charollais ram," said Alun.
9 Which Hollywood superstar served his apprenticeship on TV playing characters like the half-breed blacksmith in the Western Gunsmoke?
Nobody did but somebody shoulda Told those Indians Holed up at Wowoka in Oklahoma About the half-breed Seminole John Horse Who founded that town, Who fought with Osceola and Wildcat Who traveled to Washington Who for being Black was forced to flee to Mexico In search of an elusive justice he never received.