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Synonyms for half-baked

Synonyms for half-baked

insufficiently cooked


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The company said it plans to distribute Half-Baked branded snacks both online and in dispensaries throughout the country.
Earlier in the day, Rahul Gandhi said that it is a reform that holds great potential, but is being rushed through in a half-baked spectacle by an incompetent government.
com)-- Today the Half-Baked Baking Company launched its first Kickstarter campaign to bring a new range of gourmet gluten-free cookie mixes to the masses.
Prof Bradshaw added: "This is a half-baked plan in response to the failings of Mid Staffordshire Hospital.
She said: "Does anyone care about the half-baked wannabes on Big Brother who whip off their clothes at the drop of a hat?
But it would be much, much worse to put a half-baked scenario together.
At the same time, he said that the constitutional package was presented in a half-baked stage.
Also, I welcome the fact that the Labour Government have done a U-turn on their half-baked scheme to introduce third party insurance, as this would have imposed an unfair tax on every dog-owner.
And the half-baked hold-up at the Cuckoo Restaurant in Melbourne hit rock bottom when one of the raiders accidentally shot the other in the buttocks.
FREEDOMNOMICS: WHY THE FREE MARKET WORKS AND OTHER HALF-BAKED THEORIES DON'T shows how free market principles produce the best chances for success.
Until, of course, the final second before it's due, when you'll have to throw together a half-baked report.
And while she's earned extensive cred in indie films, Hollywood and the super-spokesmodel game, he's mostly made half-baked personal films (``The Myth of Fingerprints,'' ``World Traveler'') few have wanted to see.
a half-baked myth," said Kevin Cathcart, executive director for the gay rights group Lambda Legal.
Indeed, if things are going well, there will be strange mixtures of hunch, crunch or (as Cedric Price would have had it) scrambled-egg concepts: eccentric thinking, lateral thinking and the positively half-baked idea-all using the opportunity to strike out.