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the musical interval between adjacent keys on a keyboard instrument

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For example, if I am introducing half steps to my young student Michael, I will show him a half step on the piano, ask him to play a few half steps, find some half steps in his music and then focus on the sound.
Performance company Radio Revellers will be plunging them into the world of wartime espionage in The 39 and a Half Steps, a comic interpretation of John Buchan's The 39 Steps.
Taking a mathematical approach to music fundamentals, Johnson (music theory, Ithaca College) provides an undergraduate textbook that applies diatonic set theory to learning scales, whole and half steps, intervals, key signatures, the circle of fifths, and triads and seventh chords, which are explained along with exercises and their solutions.
You want (the technique) to be one and a half steps, and if you watch warmups, I usually mess up in warmups because I'll get rocking forward.
So members take half steps, supporting confusingly worded 'authorizations' that they can back away from easily if necessary.
Secret Mission" is oriented around half steps moving stealthily in syncopated rhythms and contrasting dry and pedaled sonorities.
Each half step is equal to 100 cents, thereby resulting in 1200 cents for the 12 half steps comprising an octave.
When students learn whole steps and half steps, they are introduced to major five-finger positions.
Moon Flute" is rather mystical, with a repeated right-hand motive accompanied by blocked harmonies that move hauntingly by half steps.