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something that covers (the top or bottom) half of a page

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Magazine and address insert (each piece will be addressed to Your Cherokee Family with half page ad
In Spalding, Lincs, desperate Ted Nottingham has pleaded for action against yobs in a half page advert in his local paper.
Furthermore, with "Half-page" mode, educators can toggle from full page to half page without moving the actual document, and by using "Picture-in-Picture" mode, teachers can compare and contrast images side-by-side.
HOW delighted I was to see my Spice Girls story from 1996 featuring on the illustrious Hancock's Half Page (Mail, July 6).
The cartoon has already appeared in Coventry's Chatterbox magazine as a half page strip, but now Jason has written a 75-page adventure which will be serialised every two weeks.
To print the names of those murdered on 9-11 would have required another half page of your newspaper.
McGrath does know we are here, and gives Canada a half page of his final chapter.
Full Page (Type area 4 1/4 x 7 1/2)$250 an issue/$400 two issues Half Page (Type area 4 1/4 x 3 1/2)$150 an issue
But instead of taking this tip and reporting the hell out of it--calling everyone who might have been in on the conference call and tracking as many GOP operatives on or near military bases as he could find--Tapper just drops it in for a half page at the end of a chapter and writes that the lack of subpoena power prevents him from tracking it any further.
a leading online advertising services company, today announced the addition of two new advertising formats, the Rectangle (180x150), and the Half Page (300x600), both IAB standard ad units.
Inside, a half page was dedicated to Abbey's mica collection table lamp ($79.
The deal with the direct merchandiser, whose catalog goes into over two million homes and businesses every month, includes a half page ad, 2 front covers and one back cover in the next four issues.
markets of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago and half page newspaper ads in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and Orange County Register.
Contract awarded for 2 press announcements half page module 6x4 black and white color plus a 1 news release 1/4 page 3x4 black and white modules over a color to release and promote the masters fac.
This is well within the range of normal random fluctuations but you have constructed a half page of gloom on that basis.