half mask

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a mask covering the upper part of the face but with holes for the eyes

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I looked into the mirror, complete with top hat, cape, and half mask, and yes, I confess, a little bit of make-up, and thought 'what the hell am I doing?
Allegro Industries offers a convenient cleaning and storage kit for full face and half mask respirators.
The suit offers an attached hood, a 3-D half mask, elastic cuffs, flat fabric inlays, a full front zipper, an elastic pant waist, belt loops and back pockets.
Limited Tenders are invited for Half Mask Face Piece 3M-1200 - 12.
The Survivair Blue1 Half Mask with Speaking Diaphragm equipped with P100 Filters was among the highest rated and best performing reusable half mask respirator for speech tangibility.
Tenders are invited for Tritium Cartridge Silicon Half Mask Respirator
He sings charmingly, makes the most of his Act II entrance as the biggest noise in Egypt wearing a golden Phantom of the Opera half mask and generally is just about the best thing on stage.
Tenders are invited for Supply of half mask double rever and high effeciency particulate filters, High Efficiency Particulate Filters (P100), Full Mask Double Revertseal Silicon Respirator With P3 Filter Cartridges.
Lot 54 - a repre sentative suit of armour made pounds 45,000, an 18th century half mask with moustaches made pounds 1,100.
Limited Tenders are invited for Mask Half Mask FFP1 Half Mask FFP2.
Tenders are invited for Supply of filtering half mask dust respirator as per technical specification
Tenders are invited for Filtering Half Mask To Protect Against Particles As Per Is 9473 - 2002, Cm/L - 7143057 With Vent Type Ffp 1 - S Or Slv And V -410 - V Venus Or Equivalent.
All will be made including working gloves, disposable gloves, protective gloves against chemicals, dust half-masks, half mask cartridge, safety goggles, welding mask.
Toe boots with metallic-21 per, costume wadded-5 pcs Short cloak-23 pcs, 25 pcs Fur Hat, protective gloves, 120 per, palmar-124 per Knee-8 per, protective glasses-3 pcs Earmuffs-2 pcs helmets, gloves and shaped-5 pcs, Abdominal Belt-18 Please, reflective vest-9 units, half mask with changeable filters, 7 piece, protective helmet with viziera- 5 pieces, cap-6 pcs Boneta doc-36 PCS, costume-shaped type 13 pieces, first aid kits, 10 pcs .
Tenders are invited for Respiratory protective devices filtering half mask to protect against particles and conforming to IS No.