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a knot used to fasten a rope temporarily to an object

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You should see my run turn and two half hitches - they were something to be admired.
The two half hitches should face opposite directions, so they both face away from the nocked arrow, as shown in the illustration.
Knot and loop security of the MRH were compared to a modified Roeder knot (a sliding, locking knot) and to a second knot consisting of four reversing half hitches on alternating posts (4-RHAPs) that is equal to two square knots.
Bowlines, clove hitches, figures of eight, a full turn and two half hitches - there were so many to remember and, noticing we were struggling, Vad decided to get technical.
And bos'ns know their half hitches, bowlines and monkey fists inside out.
You can reinforce it in many different ways, such as tying the working end off with two half hitches, or pinning it back under its own loop as in Figure 4.