half hitch

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a knot used to fasten a rope temporarily to an object

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30ml Half Hitch, 20 ml Cocchi Rosa, 10ml rhubarb syrup, 5ml Aperol, 100ml soda water Half fill a cocktail shaker with ice.
You'll find the half hitch a powerful tool and the dog will dictate how much pressure is needed.
To your backing, attach 25ft of floss knotted every foot with a half hitch to prevent fraying.
Finish the wrapping with a single half hitch as shown.
Loder has three of her daughters at stud, notably Marling and Littlefeather, plus Marling's daughters Half Hitch and Pilgrim's Way.
Slide a large swivel down the line to the far end, then make a half hitch to hold the swivel on the line.
Meanwhile, his magical world over the rainbow is one half hippy psychedelic trip; one half Hitch cockian psycho trap.
It is a handy method for pulling a line tight around an object and holding it while you make the next turn or secure it with a half hitch.
Secure the yarn about one inch from the top of the shaft with a half hitch.
Half Hitch (1995 Diesis-Marling) in foal to Hector Protector
Needless to say, my half hitch didn't hold, and to this day, I've not seen a snook larger than that one in person.
Now undo the half hitch and wind the yarn onto the part of the spindle above the disk, leaving about 18" of the end to do your winding around the bottom and redo the half hitch at the top.
On to the snapper hole which we got from the guy at Half Hitch Tackle, 12 miles offshore, in 75 feet of water.
March through May, local shops including Half Hitch in Destin stock up on countless jigs in every color combo on the planet.
Tom Putnam, owner of Half Hitch Bait and Tackle in Panama City Beach, points out there isn't much natural bottom in the 1 5/2-to 5-mile range, where most of the kingfish action takes place, but a great many artificial reefs are easily found.