half dozen

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denoting a quantity consisting of six items or units

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First formed in 1995, the Half Dozen has been constantly praised for its versatility, professionalism and showmanship.
Filmmaker Daniel Peddle's scrappy and astute group portrait of a half dozen New York City butches of color is a low-budget, five-year overview of their lives and loves that takes in the underground "ball" scene (a la Paris Is Burning) and explores the phenomenon of the "aggressive" identity.
Beginning in June, a half dozen retail brokers will be on-site at the company's commercial and new development office located at 146 Montague Street.
Those 55 and older control 70 percent of the nation's personal wealth, and account for 80 percent of the fraud complaints lodged with the Federal Trade Commission, according to Your Credit Card Companies, an association formed by a half dozen of the country's largest card issuers.
Prolman also recruited a half dozen other nearly pesticide-free growers in Ecuador and Colombia.
Each season sees between a half dozen and a dozen typhoons track through the main islands of the Japanese archipelago.
Goozner, former chief economics correspondent for The Chicago Tribune, tells a series of deft and engaging stories about the discovery and development of a half dozen drugs.
SPS has broken ground and established processes for working across four military services, 13 departmental agencies, and through a half dozen rungs in the chain of command, all the way up to the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics," noted Haynes, who, just over two years ago, instituted a disciplined configuration management approach that encompassed users, developers, managers, and department leaders spanning the logistics, procurement, and financial management communities in DoD.
At 4-month intervals, Johnson's team at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson sampled saliva, blood, and urine from these animals and from another half dozen ewes with intact ovaries.
A photo in the August 13th, 2000 New York Times Magazine gave perfect product placement a half dozen U.
Brinkerhoff says the country's half dozen farms, fed by a network of independent breeders several hundred strong, bring in $1 million each year with their strange crop and souvenir-related byproducts.
More than a half dozen Society chapters are hosting teams of long-distance runners in marathons from Boston to Houston.
Compounders who wanted more dispersive action could also add separate devices onto the end of an extruder - such as the cavity-transfer mixer, which has pockets in the rotor and barrel that push and pull the melt for extensional mixing; or a planetary gear mixer, in which a short screw is ringed by a half dozen smaller orbiting screws.
Opening officially October 17, GSP is looking to replicate in State College what they've done in Ann Arbor, Michigan, another college town where in just six months they've secured a half dozen clients that are connected to the university or research communities.
Pantheon also owns more than a half dozen other properties in New Jersey and The Bronx.