half door

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an exterior door divided in two horizontally

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Now I'm getting the old me back and I feel like a small child peeping over the top of that half door I was attacked through.
The Half Door Irish Pub 270 Sisson Avenue, Hartford, CT Phone: 860-232-7827 Breakfast from 7:00-11:00a.
If you are able to do that, the next thing would be to demonstrate it by building a model half door and doorframe with your product attached so that you can take it to show people and invite them to try it out.
The old Clubman famously had a quirky "Clubdoor" - a two-door arrangement with a third half door on the driver's side, which become unpopular among Brits for being unpractical.
Robbers made off with cash after wrecking The Half Door Cafe on French Church Street on New Year's Eve.
For me, though, it is a little belter - offering all the advantages of its three-door sibling but with a worthwhile boot and, if anything, even more quirkiness and individuality courtesy of innovative features such as the distinctive half door.
This creature was looking at us over the top of a half door.
Sheila Marie Tobbe glanced down the corridor at the Thea Bowman Center, where people were gathering in front of a half door opening to a food pantry.
The half door on the right side of the M56 doesn't latch well.
At the threshold of this cottage, separated by the closed half door, met but remained apart, two sections of society: the rooted and the vagrant outsider.
Aethon ni drwy domen o bres (mae'r euros 'na'n bethau peryg), ac er bod ein hanner ni'n teimlo'n sl ar l bwyd seimllyd mewn un caffi penodol, roedd yr Half Door yn wych.
Another old favourite - the Half Door - was sublime, with more succulent salmon and the finest pint of Guinness I had all holiday.
The smaller half door is rear-hinged, so the doors on each side open away from the middle, like barn doors.
Despite all the demands on her time and energy, Tayyaba finds a creative outlet in making improvements around their home such as building a half door for their kitchen to allow her to supervise her children while keeping them safely out of the way, and creating her family's clothes--especially outfits for her daughters.
This is what sets the Quad Cab apart: four doors--not the typical regular front door with a rear half door, but four full-sized, open-wide doors.