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an English coin worth half a crown

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Honey Roast Half Crown Duck, which has a traditional portion look with minimum bone, makes a great alternative to traditional roast meats, and is delicious with mashed potato and seasonal vegetables.
In the second half Crown faced an uphill battle to address the deficit.
From the halfpenny to the majestic half crown, via the octagonal brass threepenny bit, there was something of beauty and interest in every transaction.
Paper shop hangs on to half crown THE half crown disappeared from Britain's monetary system in preparation for decimalisation the following year.
Mgr Shields said: "The concert tickets were a half crown and bringing him to Dundalk cost around five punts.
Mike put a deposit of a half crown on it and told Con that he might be able to afford the balance after the Christmas holidays.
She says: "In Pie In The Sky on Sunday they had a golden half crown which looked like a pounds 1 coin covered with gold paper.
COVENTRY Leofric lost their top-of-the-table clash with Division One leaders Half Crown Knights in Stockton.
Down to ten men and playing uphill in the second half Crown were facing a team that had been given a good talking to during the break.
I didn't really want to pay the half crown joining fee - but once I did I was a member for the next 74 years.
I put them in the queue to change their spends when my little cousin could not wait and put his half crown in a slot.
On the day, before the coaches arrived, the club committeemen would hand out a shiny half crown (13p) to each of the children.
Known as LFIVE, phase three on Half Crown Street consists of 24,000 sq ft of selfcontained industrial space incorporating 3,300 sq ft of offices at first floor level and is due to be completed in December.
Visitors are able to see for the first time the bound volume of posters, minutes and comments from the 1800s, a bugle from the time of the Percy Volunteers and the half crown used to decide the choice of ends in matches.
Enough of drug abuse that pollutes the lives of young people, enough of loyalism which owes its allegiance to the half crown rather than the communities it claims to defend and represent.