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an English coin worth half a crown

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Just give your half crown to the lad at the end there, and he'll give you the present.
Her tiered illusion veil was attached to a half crown of pearls and sequins.
Things changed quite quickly after that, as we were able to borrow dad's car, so our evening spent with one of the many pretty girls there, didn't end with too much disappointment, especially as we'd spent so much time and effort trying to get acquainted, not to mention the half crown.
Do the words angel, half-angel, 'fine' sovereign, hammered coin, milled edge, ryal, half pound, or even half crown mean anything to you?
The school's badge is pictured right, and left is a half crown coin that paid for five school dinners
In the second half Crown were fighting against the wind and Tingley took full advantage of the conditions.
From the halfpenny to the majestic half crown, via the octagonal brass threepenny bit, there was something of beauty and interest in every transaction.
This meant me signing on and picking up my weekly half crown at the Labour Exchange.
Before they left London's Euston Station, they spent their last half crown in a photobooth, capturing a road trip they wou ld remember for the rest of their lives.
Burge, who died in 1964, claimed the cup had been melted down on the night of the robbery and made into fake half crown coins.
COVENTRY Petanque Club kept their Eurocup hopes alive as they beat a Half Crown Stockton team bristling with international players.
SANDHILLS LANE, SANDHILLS: closed in both directions between the Half Crown Street junction and the Dunes Way junction, because of roadworks and bridge maintenance work.
In the second half Crown faced an uphill battle to address the deficit.
Paper shop hangs on to half crown THE half crown disappeared from Britain's monetary system in preparation for decimalisation the following year.
Mgr Shields said: "The concert tickets were a half crown and bringing him to Dundalk cost around five punts.