half boot

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a boot reaching halfway up to the knee

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He didn't half boot it because he got out of my sight," said Mark, who lives in Guisborough and delivers to Acklam, Linthorpe and Whinney Banks in Middlesbrough .
Half shoe, half boot, the 'shoot' has survived another season to become one of this winter's most fashionable must-haves for your feet.
It is through this methodology that my consultancy, Size 10 and a Half Boots, arrives at the psychology of selling, and once there the selling deconstructs itself.
The new and improved brochure retains a lot of its previous models such as the recently launched longlife system range, incorporated into the company's Normandy, Normandy SEC, Picardie and Picardie SEC boots, in addition to its Dauphine half boots and Bresse clogs and claims to be so hard-wearing and durable that they "will hardly ever wear out" due to its molecule structural formula.
More than 200 GSDF members, including Bansho, put on their camouflage gear, half boots and bulletproof vests, and were armed with rifles and other weapons, the sources said.