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a guard who carries a halberd (as a symbol of his duty)

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Those mechanisms of action are akin to the armaments of our stalwart halberdier.
In fact, it is the only part of his Halberdier instruction that he positively dislikes.
Charles was compared to Christ and Whitehall to Calvary,; several modern historians describe how a Scots Veronica broke through the halberdier escort to comfort the king on his Via Dolorosa from St James's Palace.
06 million) paid for Pontormo's Portrait of a Halberdier in May 1989.
In the emotion of the moment I tried to hand over the ciborium to a halberdier, who drew back.
On these German translations, by a certain Guglielmo, halberdier to the duke, see also Grillo, pp.
On the right, a halberdier stands gloating over the corpse of a slain Protestant prince; and on the left, an enemy soldier roasts two victims of a desolate Brabant village.
When Guy returns to the anteroom of the Halberdier barracks following his disillusioning misadventure in West Africa, he finds that the regimental memorabilia associated with his heady days as a recruit has been removed:
Also in 1989 Yo Picasso, a self-portrait, went for $47,900,000; a third Picasso, Au Lapin Agile, for $40,700,000; Halberdier, by Jacopo Pontormo, $35,100,000; Rue Mosnier, Paris, Decorated with Flags on June 30, 1887, by Edouard Manet, $26,400,000; and Mirror, by Picasso, also $26,400,000.
Mgmt, Penta Investment Advisers, Asuka Asset Mgmt, Halberdier
Halberdier Rutherford won the Gentleman's Open Race on Gemma, a chestnut mare hired from Jedburgh.
From Vienna comes The Halberdier canvas and from London's National Gallery the Tramonto or Sunset (Fig.
THE FOGG ART MUSEUM, CAMBRIDGE, MA An Idyll: A Woman Seated under a Tree with a Child and a Standing Halberdier in a Landscape, attributed to Titian (c.
which sold for just over $21m in 1990) and--by a whisker--the most expensive Old Master ever sold in New York (Pontormo's Portrait of a Halberdier fetched $35.
The Banqueting House guests would have arrived in boats (in many cases, their own) at the nearest stairs up from the river where they would most likely have been met by torchbearers and halberdiers to accompany them over the relatively few yards to their destination and back when the festivities were over.