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a pike fitted with an ax head

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Accordingly, he raised his halberd, and would have laid the staff of it lustily on the Jew's shoulders, had not the Black Knight stopped the blow, and thereby transferred the Holy Clerk's resentment to himself.
To arm these, they had eleven muskets, five pistols, three fowling-pieces, five muskets or fowling-pieces which were taken by me from the mutinous seamen whom I reduced, two swords, and three old halberds.
They divided the firearms equally in each party, as well as the halberds and staves.
The instant they entered Don Quixote asked the landlord after the man with the lances and halberds, and was told that he was in the stable seeing to his mule; which was what Sancho and the cousin proceeded to do for their beasts, giving the best manger and the best place in the stable to Rocinante.
Halberds struck men down, swords ran them through, muskets were discharged at them.
But she rose at the command of the men with partisans, and walked with a tolerably firm step, preceded by Charmolue and the priests of the officiality, between two rows of halberds, towards a medium-sized door which suddenly opened and closed again behind her, and which produced upon the grief-stricken Gringoire the effect of a horrible mouth which had just devoured her.
Soldier and Welsh language poet Guto'r Glyn (1412 - 1493) claimed it was Rhys ap Thomas, born near Llandeilo, who 'killed the boar, shaved his head' with a fatal blow to Richard's skull with his halberd.
The list includes Weed Whacker, Scientific Doodad/Teleporter, Pirate Ship Cannon, Chicken Eggs That Turn Into Chickens, Deployable Friendly Robots, Calvary Sabre, Halberd and Automated Turrets, among many others.
In the painting, Pontormo positions this young foot soldier, holding a combination spear and battle-ax called a halberd, before a bastion.
Closer investigation revealed it to be a ceremonial halberd, a type of spear common in the Middle Ages, adorned in copper and brass.
Taking into account the burials with some item associated exclusively with either sex (n = 47; awl and diadem for women: halberd, sword and axe for men) (Fig.
e skull showed evidence of depressions caused by glancing blows, a stab wound to the top, and two injuries to the base - one probably caused by a halberd bly caused by a halberd weapon and the other a stabbing.
A halberd was a fearsome weapon--a pole several feet long with a battle axe blade and hook attached to its upper end.
The wounds suffered by the "hunchback king" may have been caused by a sword or staff, like a halberd.