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a pike fitted with an ax head

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Until further information, therefore, I shall maintain it to be a sea-unicorn of colossal dimensions, armed not with a halberd, but with a real spur, as the armoured frigates, or the `rams' of war, whose massiveness and motive power it would possess at the same time.
The instant they entered Don Quixote asked the landlord after the man with the lances and halberds, and was told that he was in the stable seeing to his mule; which was what Sancho and the cousin proceeded to do for their beasts, giving the best manger and the best place in the stable to Rocinante.
Halberds struck men down, swords ran them through, muskets were discharged at them.
A young and beautiful woman darted from the crowd, and caring not for the soldiers who surrounded him, unafraid of their swords and halberds, she reached the old man's side, and threw herself sobbing on his breast.
And when he looked across at the wall where the mortar had fallen out, he could sit and find out there the strangest figures imaginable; exactly as the street had appeared before, with steps, projecting windows, and pointed gables; he could see soldiers with halberds, and spouts where the water ran, like dragons and serpents.
I carried also a hundred spare arms, muskets, and fusees; besides some pistols, a considerable quantity of shot of all sizes, three or four tons of lead, and two pieces of brass cannon; and, because I knew not what time and what extremities I was providing for, I carried a hundred barrels of powder, besides swords, cutlasses, and the iron part of some pikes and halberds.
According to Professor Guy Rutty, study co-author, from the East Midlands Pathology Unit at the University of Leicester: e most likely injuries to have caused the king's death are the two to the skull a large sharp force trauma possibly from a sword or sta weapon, such as a halberd or bill, and a penetrating injury from the tip of an edged weapon.
Halberd is an industry leader in the production of UAVs.
For B tolerance in wheat, transfer of a single gene (Bol) from Halberd into Schomburgk provided an average yield benefit of 3.
At the same time, we worked to launch the site in both a timely and cost effective manner," states Mark Lundquist, Halberd CEO.
Sir Brian Pitman, Ian Hall, Lowry Maclean, Sir James Birrell; Ian Hall, centre, Wesleyan's director of banking, is joined by Wesleyan Bank staff; Matthew Rodhouse, Mike Lewis, Steve Deutsch, Grahame Griffiths; Laura Rowland, Jonathan Halberd, Paul Leonard, Phil Johnson; Ed Eames, Tim Sinclair; Ian Hall, Lowry Macleean
He had been imprisoned for three weeks prior to his first arrest for theft after being arrested for throwing a halberd at doors and carts in Whithorn.
One furious member of Parliament rushed into the Queen's chapel and promptly attacked with his halberd a huge Rubens canvas of Christ.
A detailed glossary explains terms such as surplice, halberd, Franciscan, and the Latin motto "Ad maiorem dei gloriam.
Several Canterbury Cathedral windows in the spaces frequented by pilgrims depict a halberd, sometimes associated with an apostle, sometimes with an English king (Caviness 1981, 244-45, 246, 271, 319); the halberd is thus iconographically associated with an exalted status--religious or noble--that the Pardoner can only try, and inevitably fail, to counterfeit.