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(Islam) meat from animals that have been slaughtered in the prescribed way according to the shariah

conforming to dietary laws

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According to statement of objects and reasons of the bill, there is a need to set up a Pakistan Halal Authority to promote imports and exports, trade and commerce with foreign countries and inter-provincial trade and commerce in Halal articles and process.
Elsewhere, reports also suggest that Pakistan is preparing to make its Halal food industry compliant to international standards, while more than 25 per Cent of food factories in Thailand are now participating in Halal production, according to OBG.
Unsurprisingly, the food sector makes up over 60 percent of the global market for Halal products.
INHART will be developing relevant training modules for MAS beneficiaries and will conduct training programs in order to ensure compliance to halal requirements by the national carrier's caterers.
A three-day halal food conference called "Halal World Hapex 2013" took place in Thailand's capital city of Bangkok.
To be defined as halal, the food must meet criteria set out in the Koran, including the way the animal is slaughtered and thoroughly bled before it is eaten.
Brunei Darussalam sees the 'Brunei Halal Brand' as a means of diversifying its economy away from oil.
The animal is of the permitted age, raised on halal feed ingredients,
Malaysia has been aggressively promoting itself as a global halal hub in recent years while the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, better known as JAKIM, is now the world's biggest governmental issuer of halal certifications.
The key reason for this was trust, the report said, with many respondents - particularly new arrivals to the UK - saying they looked for the assurance of a Muslim that a product was truly halal.
It should come as no surprise that such fears of xenophobia have resulted in a demand for halal travel options.
Ken Bracken, meat division, Bord Bia, said: "A new trend is emerging in European countries which have large Islamic communities such as Britain and France; 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims are no longer looking for the food of their parents' immigrant roots but actively seeking out halal equivalents of popular main stream produce.
London, Mar 13 (ANI): Nearly three-quarters of poultry and a small amount of beef and lamb meat sold as halal in the United Kingdom is labeled falsely, according to Naved Syed of the English Beef and Lamb Executive Halal Steering Group.
Summary: The business of selling food that is halal, or acceptable to Muslims, is set to grow rapidly in Europe in coming years as more supermarket chains target the sector, a Nestle executive said on
DEMAND for halal cosmetics worldwide is on the rise, driven not only by more affluent Muslim consumers but also growing interest in high quality, safe products.