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a Muslim ruler or governor or judge

a Muslim physician

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The gentle silence of dawn and the reflection of prayer marks the start of Eid Al Fitr for Mahrukh Hakim and her family.
At home, my mum usually starts preparing sheerkurma, a sweet made from milk and vermicelli, along with savoury snacks such as samosas and dahi vadas [fried lentil patties in spiced beaten yoghurt]," Hakim said.
All of us would meet up, go somewhere and there would be games," Hakim said.
Hakim has grown up in the UAE and feels more at home in the emirates rather than in India.
force, the Hakims have been careful not to express outright opposition to the U.
Shirazi told Hakim that "security in Iraq and Iran are inseparable," and he issued a not-so-veiled criticism of U.
In Tehran, Hakim also met Ali Larijani, the speaker of the Iranian parliament, Saeed Jalili, the secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, and Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki all of whom pledged support for Iraqi national security efforts.
Iran's Supreme National Security Council Secretary Saeed Jalili, in a separate meeting with Ammar Hakim on Sunday, said the presence of foreign forces in Iraq is a major threat to the country's security situation.
Judith Yaphe, an analyst at Washington's National Defence University, said: We may be trying to play on long-standing animosity between Sadr and the Hakims.
Olympia House is located at 279 East 44th Street and was built in 1964 by the same two families that own it today - the Elghanayans and the Hakims.
Elghanayan, Farhad Isaac Hakim and Shirley Elghanayan-Krayem through a pension fund client of Lend Lease Real Estate Investments, Inc.