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a Muslim ruler or governor or judge

a Muslim physician

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Subjectively, I would place recoil from a Hakim in the .
The Hakim uses a "semi-detachable" 10-shot magazine.
At 100 yards the Hakim and I can keep 4-out-of-5 FNM rounds within 2.
Used briefly in the Arab/Israeli conflicts, the Hakim was replaced by Egyptian-made AKM's.
The gentle silence of dawn and the reflection of prayer marks the start of Eid Al Fitr for Mahrukh Hakim and her family.
At home, my mum usually starts preparing sheerkurma, a sweet made from milk and vermicelli, along with savoury snacks such as samosas and dahi vadas [fried lentil patties in spiced beaten yoghurt]," Hakim said.
All of us would meet up, go somewhere and there would be games," Hakim said.
It was Sistani who helped assemble the sectarian Shiite-only voting bloc, the United Iraqi Alliance, that included the Hakims, Maliki, and Muqtada al-Sadr, in 2005.
force, the Hakims have been careful not to express outright opposition to the U.
Shirazi told Hakim that "security in Iraq and Iran are inseparable," and he issued a not-so-veiled criticism of U.
Judith Yaphe, an analyst at Washington's National Defence University, said: We may be trying to play on long-standing animosity between Sadr and the Hakims.