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a Muslim ruler or governor or judge

a Muslim physician

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Hakim was also quoted to have asked "whether the current problem in the Iraqi partnership lies in the fact that Arabs, Kurds and Turkomen does not march forward, because the Arab Shiites and Sunnis, as well as the Christians, are present in the government, but they achieve nothing?
However, Benazir's killers cannot be arrested because they have the backing of important people in the country, Hakim added.
At home, my mum usually starts preparing sheerkurma, a sweet made from milk and vermicelli, along with savoury snacks such as samosas and dahi vadas [fried lentil patties in spiced beaten yoghurt]," Hakim said.
Shirazi told Hakim that "security in Iraq and Iran are inseparable," and he issued a not-so-veiled criticism of U.
The leader of the Shi'ite-dominated UIA - which has the largest bloc of seats in parliament - and head of the SIIC, Hakim comes from a prominent Ja'fari religious family whose father, the late Grand Ayatullah Abdul-Muhsin al-Hakim, was once the highest religious authority among the Ja'fari Shi'ites of Iraq.
Hakim, leader of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), a key partner in the coalition government, said talks focused on arms and training for the Iraqi army and the transfer of military authority from the US commander to the Iraqi government.
He even personally phoned the cleric Abdul Aziz Hakim during the frantic last week of negotiations over Iraq's constitution.
We have analyzed what we need to do in California,'' said Chris Hakim, Aetna's general manager for small group products in the state.
Newcastle magistrates heard how Shafqat Ali Hakim flew into a rage when his wife, from whom he was separated, forgot to charge the batteries for the camcorder.
28, 2000, Hakim was appointed by President Wahid to succeed Martiono Hadianto who had left the post weeks earlier.
With Pertamina to be stripped of many powers, including control over E&P negotiations and PSCs and the downstream sector, Hakim is to restructure the state-owned company on a big scale as from Jan.
This singular honor was officially bestowed on Professor Hakim on December 4, 2008, at the International College of Surgeons World Congress in Vienna, Austria, with attendees from over 55 countries.
Hakim underlined, during the meeting, that "Iraq is fighting against terrorism on behalf of the world and needs the support of all countries in the region.
The Ambassador said that this aid came in response to the ongoing efforts of minister Hakim and his repetitive calls to the international communities to help the countries which are hosting the displaced Syrians.