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the lean flesh of a fish similar to cod

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any of several marine food fishes related to cod

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Furthermore, the positive relationship observed in Argentine Hake in this study between the sizes of eggs from plankton samples and diameters of their oil droplets indicates that larger eggs contain a higher amount of lipids than do smaller eggs, supporting the idea that bigger oocytes are of better quality.
In the field, acoustic surveys of Pacific hake collect temperature measurements during midwater trawls and conduct a limited number of conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) profiles.
Hake reported at the conference, which was presented by the Alzheimer's Association.
Two hundred and fifty-seven patients with metabolic syndrome were subject to a diet lasting 16 weeks, split into two stages: 8 weeks of exclusion from any seafood, followed by 8 weeks of daily consumption of 100g of Namibian frozen hake, or vice-versa.
We are delighted with the new partnership with Hake Yachts and their range of raising keel sailboats," said Bill Bolin, long time VP of TWI.
Pan fry hake and colour on one side until golden brown.
Table 1 Environmental and ecological variables used in the generalized additive model (GAM) of environmental effects on growth of juvenile European hake (Merluccius merluccius) in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea.
Pan fry for a couple of minutes until the skin starts to crisp, turn the hake over and cook for a further three to four minutes, (make sure fish is cooked through) and transfer to warm plates.
Our members are very focused on high quality, sustainably sourced seafood of which the Cape Hake fillets have been a positive addition to the assortment," says Kendall Sallee, Sam's Club Senior Seafood Buyer.
Hake said: "I told the players if they won here they'd become club legends.
But don't be too surprised if we have to acquire a taste for hake with our chips in the not too distant future.
Hake is a lovely whitefish, comparable to cod or haddock, and it is being caught and landed into our harbours in amazing condition.
pan-fried hake with lemon and tarragon butter and kale (serves four) INGREDIENTS 4 hake fillets (skin on and boned, your fishmonger can do this for you) 1 tbsp vegetable oil Juice of 1/2 lemon 100g butter (unsalted) 2tbsp capers (optional) Chopped tarragon Salt and pepper 150g kale METHOD 1.
Lot 1 - carcass without head patrana dry frost - Hake - 40 000 kg; Lot 2 - patrana headless carcass dry frost - Hake - 37 000 kg; Lot 3 - Frozen fish with the head - Capelin - 21 000 kg; Lot 4 - Frozen fish with the head - Capelin - 20 000 kg; Lot 5 - Frozen fish with the head - Capelin - 20 000 kg; Lot 6 - Frozen fish with the head - Capelin - 20 000 kg.
A customer who asks for one of the "big five" fish of salmon, tuna, haddock, cod or prawns from one of Sainsbury's 400 fish counters on that day will be offered a complimentary portion of one of the four alternative fish - sea bass, coley, hake or loch trout.