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an Arabic term of respect for someone who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca


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Haji Hassan Group deputy chairman Waheed Hassan Al A'ali said: "Our strategic sponsorship support for Gulf Construction Expo delivers on two goals for the company.
Abdulrahman, commenting on Haji Hassan's role as Strategic Sponsor of the Expo, said: "Haji Hassan Group is a pioneer in the construction and building sectors of the GCC.
Senator Taj Mohammad's elder brother Haji Shahji Gul and Senator Haji Momin's younger brother Nasir Khan are MNAs from Khyber Agency.
The Supreme Court on July 14 allowed Haji Ali Dargah's trust to file a plea for regularisation of Kinara mosque with the Maharashtra Government.
The tradition of Haji Firuz reached its zenith in Tehran during the first 50 years of the 20th Century.
Haji Amin's family was found guilty in court, and three members were convicted including the patriarch.
Haji sang the challenging "Che gelida manina" with its daunting high C at pitch.
Store owners were quoted as saying that Hajis preferred buying gifts and souvenirs in Makkah and Madinah, although a few made purchases in Mina.
Haji Fazal Ellahi started campaigning in 1990 for a place of worship in the community and held a number of meetings with then Yardley MP Estelle Morris.
A prominent businessman and founder of ARY Group that includes a Dubai-based TV channel and other businesses, Haji Yaqoob passed away in London on February 21 after a protracted illness.
BNA) -- Bahrain Triathlon Association Board Member May Al Haji participated in the 15th Standard Chartered International 42-kilometer Marathon in Dubai, United Arab Emirates UAE.
But those words of advice stayed with Haji Mike, encouraging him to get a job teaching at a university.
His arrest came after Haji sent a letter to the Libyan court in which he claimed he was tortured while in jail.
Alison Haji, 39, of Seabank Road, Wallasey was discovered by her partner, Ashley Gibson, after he had returned home to their top-floor fat.
Donya Hediye Tehrani Haji Reza Enayat Mohammad Reza Shariefienia Gohar Gohar Kherandish Mohsen Soroush Ghoudarzi Shadi Elham Hamidi (Farsi dialogue)