hairy root

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a phase of crown gall (especially in apples) during which there is abnormal development of fine fibrous roots

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Agrobacterium rhizogenes-mediated Hairy root Formation in Some Rubia tinctorum L.
The most interesting dry weights for the three concentrations studied are recorded with the DT10 hairy root line.
Georgiev notes that hairy roots are a big improvement over traditional, greenhouse-based plant culturing.
We've gone from 100 hairy root lines to 10, experimenting with different media and hormones to see which ones yield the most gossypol--and the gossypol derivatives with the greatest biological activity," Triplett says.
But in the laboratory, hairy roots can be harnessed to produce plant extracts with nutriceutical and pharmaceutical value.
rhizogenes (disarming not required) and hairy root cultures for regeneration of intact plants were important as vectors for transgenic transformations, but disarmed binary vectors from A.
Variation in Growth and Tropane Alkaloid Production Capability of the Hairy Roots of Hyoscyamus albus, H.
In our recent work, a new sesquiterpenoid, (Z)-7-acetoxymethyl-11-methyl-3-methylene-dodeca-1,6,10-triene (AMDT), was isolated and purified from hairy root cultures of A.
But in the past decade, they discovered they could use bacteria to make hairy root systems, which develop much faster than root cuttings.
The history of absinthe and its abuse is reflected as well as recent findings in hairy root cultures of A.
Our goal is to test the effect of exogenous elicitors and cell permeabilization on biomass production and accumulation of hyoscyamine in hairy root of Datura sp.
The soil I love is pregnant with hairy roots and the glitter of stones.