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Synonyms for hairy

Synonyms for hairy

Synonyms for hairy

having or covered with hair


hazardous and frightening

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These include possible damage to and loss of habitat both here and in Africa, declining numbers and changes in the breeding timetable of its main hosts (dunnocks and meadow pipits) perhaps as a result of climate change, and similar declines in populations of the moths upon whose hairy caterpillars adult cuckoos mainly feed.
For neat little clumps plant Carex Evergold, an evergreen with brightly variegated leaves, while fountain grass (Pennisetum) makes a wonderful display with purplish flower heads that resemble hairy caterpillars.
The hairy caterpillars of this species, popularly called 'Woolly Bears', used to be a common feature 30 or 40 years ago, but it is thought that milder, wetter winters do not favour this species.
You may remind me of a reject from a Gerry and Sylvia Anderson Thunderbirds production with your bushy eyebrows crawling like two hairy caterpillars across your brow, jerky walk and wooden delivery, but I'd never imagined you were anyone's puppet.
W HEN yellow-and-black hairy caterpillars emerge, in June and July and again in September and October, they feed furiously.