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Hence, we conducted the present study to enumerate the extent of resistance among the wild and cultivated jute species based on comparative egg laying preference and biology, and to establish the biochemical basis of resistance against jute hairy caterpillar.
SCARY MOMENT: My most uncomfortable experience was when I went to bed with a large, hairy caterpillar.
He always carried a machete to hack through the jungle, and he'd knock on my door brandishing this machete with a little hairy caterpillar on it just for me.
It took him nine years to lose the mullet and hairy caterpillar eyebrows before landing the role of Dr Doug Ross on ER.
When I saw the remains of a big hairy caterpillar on the ground, I felt myself retch.
The most unforgettable experience I had in Australia was when I went to bed with a large, hairy caterpillar," he says.
BUGGED Wary Vanessa Mae checks that her giant hairy caterpillar is still securely fastened
From making hairy caterpillars with cress seeds to toilet roll monsters, there are various artistic activities for children to make and take home.
Also taking place are arts activities where youngsters can make anything from hairy caterpillars with cress seeds to toilet roll monsters.
These include possible damage to and loss of habitat both here and in Africa, declining numbers and changes in the breeding timetable of its main hosts (dunnocks and meadow pipits) perhaps as a result of climate change, and similar declines in populations of the moths upon whose hairy caterpillars adult cuckoos mainly feed.