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long-bodied marine fishes having a long whiplike scaleless body and sharp teeth

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A study on the age and growth of the hairtail in the Po Hai and Huang Hai.
On the characteristic of the growth of the hairtail, Trichiurus haumela (Forskal) from the Yellow Sea and Bo-Hai.
Catch change pattern of hairtail in the East China Sea.
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A study of the dynamics and management of the hairtail fishery, Trichiurus haumela, in the East China Sea.
A study of the ageing of hairtails, Trichiurus haumela (Forskal).
From 1971 to 1982, the offshore fishery caught mainly green filefish, mackerel and scad, and hairtail, whereas the whole ECS landings included these species and other large important stocks such as shrimp and crab, large yellow croaker, "other species,"(2) pomfret, and cuttlefish, taken mainly to the west of line ABCD (Fig.
Hairtail landings showed a decreasing trend with increasing effort until about 1990 (effort [is greater than] 3,000,000 kw).
2] Species (t) (k) (%) Large yellow croaker 120,000 500,000 79 Small yellow croaker 40,000 300,000 68 Jellyfish 25,000 600,000 56 Cuttlefish 50,000 500,000 84 Green filefish 160,000 2,500,000 57 Pomfrets 50,000 3,500,000 61 Hairtail 420,000 2,000,000 71 Chinese herring 20,000 50,000 68
An annotated and illustrated catalogue of the snake mackerels, snoeks, escolars, gemfishes, sackfishes, domine, oilfish, cutlassfishes, scabbardfishes, hairtails, and frostfishes known to date.