hairstreak butterfly

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small butterflies having striped markings under the wings

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To help the butterfly, in 2006 local lepidopterist Liam O'Brien launched this wildlife habitat corridor project, which aims to connect two isolated green hairstreak butterfly populations via strategically placed "Street Parks" full of host plants and nectar sources.
Dawpool Nature Reserve is looking to help the White-Letter Hairstreak butterfly
On April 8th, 2014 the first photodocumentation was obtained of an Early Hairstreak butterfly in Alabama (Figure 1).
Colourful habitat Lowland heathland is an important area for wildlife LDLIFE The common lizard lives in lowland heathland WINGED VISITOR The green hairstreak butterfly HOME GROUND The brown hare
The atala, a beautiful metallic blue hairstreak butterfly, is a good example, says Glassberg.
Natural world: The rare Brown Hairstreak butterfly.
I report on nectar sources used by the tropical hairstreak butterfly Eumaeus atala atala Poey and the subspecies E.
Species found on quarry sites in the area include the small blue butterfly, the green hairstreak butterfly, which was once heading towards extinction in the county, and the large garden bumble bee.
The course in Worcester for 50 farmers and agriculture students from Holme Lacy College in Herefordshire offered practical advice on planting, coppicing and laying hedges in a bid to encourage the brown hairstreak butterfly back to the region.
It is hoped the wych elm will benefit and attract the endangered white-letter hairstreak butterfly.
It is hoped that the inclusion of wych elm will attract the nationally endangered white-letter hairstreak butterfly.
And the cold, wet summer continued the damage, with a "fantastic emergence" of purple emperor butterflies and several species of hairstreak butterfly hit by a severe gale in July.
The common blue, which is now not so common, and the endangered green hairstreak butterfly, have been found on brownfield land in Telford, Dudley and Walsall.