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small butterflies having striped markings under the wings

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Now a handful of eggs of the hairstreak have been found on wych Elm trees - a more resilient variety of elm - at Lennel, near Coldstream, Berwickshire, by amateur naturalists.
The discovery of these eggs is hugely significant as it not only confirms the white-letter hairstreak is breeding here, but one of the eggs was an old, hatched shell - so it looks like the butterfly could have been breeding here since at least 2016," Iain Cowe said in the Butterfly Conservation report.
The White-letter Hairstreak has a distinctive "W" marking on the underside of its wing and its caterpillars feed on elm.
The pair were taking part in the Big Butterfly Count nationwide survey when they came across the white letter hairstreak feeding on flower nectar.
Adam and John were taking part in the "Big Butterfly Count" nationwide survey when they came across the white letter hairstreak feeding on flower nectar.
Endangered and threatened wildlife and plants; endangered status for the Florida Leafwing and Bartram's Scrub Hairstreak butterflies; correction.
Imperial Blue instead of Imperial Hairstreak, and Wood White instead of Spotted Jezebel).
Other butterflies seen during the day were mourning cloaks, tawny edged skippers, cabbage whites, eastern tiger swallowtails, a silver spotted skipper, a banded hairstreak and others.
A few of the stunning examples of butterflies include the Hedgerow Hairstreak, the Jutta Arctic, the Tiger Swallowtail, the Xami Hairstreak, and the Zerene Fritillary.
Experts say that butterflies spotted at the Gavray Drive site include all of the five hairstreak species - which are native to Britain - plus the marsh fritillary, under threat in the this country and Europe.
One of our keystone projects is the "Green Hairstreak Corridor," a butterfly habitat restoration project situated in the inner Sunset District.
On April 8th, 2014 the first photodocumentation was obtained of an Early Hairstreak butterfly in Alabama (Figure 1).
On Rainbow Island, "large morrpho, hairstreak, and swallowtail butterflies skipped through the afternoon air as honeybees drank sweet nectar from voluptuous tropical blooms.