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small butterflies having striped markings under the wings

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Thus, additional studies will be necessary in order to determine the host range of this poorly known Neotropical hairstreak along the arid landscapes of the northern Chilean Andes.
The narrow range for the Early Hairstreak is from the northeastern US maritime provinces through southeastern Canada, thinly spread west across northern Michigan and Wisconsin, and south through the Appalachians of North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia (Klots and dos Passos 1981; Miller 1980; Opler et al.
To help the butterfly, in 2006 local lepidopterist Liam O'Brien launched this wildlife habitat corridor project, which aims to connect two isolated green hairstreak butterfly populations via strategically placed "Street Parks" full of host plants and nectar sources.
Larvae of the hairstreak butterfly, Eumaeus godarti (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae), were observed feeding on new and old leaves (Figs.
Just this summer, he discovered a butterfly in FLNF whose presence he had predicted ("Juniper hairstreak.
During this 10-day short survey, BNHS team also witnessed some of the rare butterflies like Tytler's multi-spot flat, Bhutan Glory, Brown Gorgon, Powdered Green Hairstreak, Singe stone, Striped Punch, White edge bush brown, White Commodore, Bhutan Sergeant, Great Yellow Sailor, Grand Duchess, Manipur Jungle Queen a uncommon one and a Khaki Silver line, a very rare butterfly.
Density-dependent mating tactics in the grey hairstreak, Strymon melinus (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae).
Matthew Oates, wildlife adviser and butterfly expert at the National Trust said: "It has been a fantastic start to 2011 for Britain's butterflies with a White Admiral appearing at Bookham Common in Surrey at its earliest since 1893, the White-letter Hairstreak appearing more than two weeks early at Rodborough Common in Gloucestershire and Marbled Whites and Meadow Browns a week to ten days early at Denbies in Surrey and Exmoor.
The area is home to one of Britain's extremely rare butterflies, the white-letter hairstreak.
The great purple hairstreak butterfly is not purple at all.
Bull shows his paintings to Frederica: "Black canvases, white canvases, some shiny and uniform, some with black and white smeared over colour which stares faintly through, a hairstreak of crimson here, a veiled patch of delicious apple green there, yellow ochre under a black stain, indigo under smoke" (230).
The West Midlands Branch of the charity, Butterfly Conservation, has produced a booklet of 30 walks in the region to introduce beginners to the art of spotting a white-letter hairstreak or a meadow brown as they stroll.
In San Diego County, the Quino checkerspot butterfly and the Thorne's hairstreak butterfly are in danger of extinction because of frequent fires that have recently burned through their habitat, Morrison said.
This continues the story of Queen Blue and her brother Pyrgus (Faeries of the Light), her evil uncle Lord Hairstreak (a Faerie of the Night), and two humans from the analog world, Henry Atherton and Mr.
Head back along part of the South West coastal path over the Woolacombe Downs - watching out for its beautiful green hairstreak butterflies.