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Synonyms for hairsplitting

making too fine distinctions of little importance

developed in excessively fine detail


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The House That George Built, as the author himself points out straightaway, isn't a book for hairsplitting academics, though only the most dunderheaded PhDs would question Sheed's breadth of knowledge.
Those dissatisfied with the abstractions of Christology and with the critical hairsplitting of historical Jesus research, those wanting to explore questions relating to the dynamics of church life and spirituality, and students of Voegelin will be impressed by T.
Sometimes the church's attempts to undo years of hairsplitting with even more hairsplitting become hilarious.
It is outrageous that these insurance companies are now trying to get out of their legal responsibilities by hairsplitting and playing semantics.
Edgar Hoover, The Washington Post opined, "This is no time for hairsplitting over lost liberties," Cole noted.
There is some hairsplitting and nit-picking, but for the most part, the city and the department has stood tough and said there can't be more demands,'' Miscikowski said.
The 5-4 decision depended on hairsplitting distinctions remarkable even for highly trained lawyers.
Accountants, because they use specific numbers and bring forth precise results, are thought to be straightforward, unlike the hairsplitting attorney and his--and increasingly her--labored legalese.
Like Charlie, Guido also reveals his religious heritage by not only ascribing divine meaning to his day-to-day life, but also by applying the hairsplitting approach of a Talmudic scholar to secular concerns.
It's all about winning, losing, hairsplitting, twisting arguments, you know, lawyers' games.
Then you're in for a treat you won't soon forget: the hairsplitting accuracy of 7-3/4 inches of brace height and the trajectory flattening speed of the Perimeter Weighted Cam II single-cam.
I was sensitive to the hairsplitting he was doing and the possible negative reception.
He had also engaged in stonewalling, legal hairsplitting and obstructing the courts, they said.
A few writers recognized that perhaps this was not an epic struggle worthy of Joe Our leadership has abdicated its responsibility"' said David Milch, former executive producer of "Hill Street Blues," when asked during the strike's fourth month about such hairsplitting.