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a very small distance or space

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In the last round of talks," he continued, "we were a hairsbreadth away from a successful exchange, but the Israelis turned around and insisted on refusing to release 15 unnamed prisoners.
It amounts to a hairsbreadth less than $3 trillion.
Meanwhile, fuming Rubens Barrichello said he could have been killed by Michael Schumacher's ruthless blocking move that took him a hairsbreadth from the pit wall at 200mph.
17) The ever-present threat of lynching led reformers to urge speeding up the criminal process to allow for immediate trials followed by instant executions, (18) pressures that created the practice known derogatorily as "legal lynching," a process that was often only a hairsbreadth away from the illegal version.
The English had their moment at the beginning of the 19th century, when we came within a hairsbreadth of republicanism and possibly an early form of communism.
We are balanced upon a hairsbreadth of history, between two tipping points.
While Donum vitae stopped short of declaring the embryo to be a human person, Dignitas personae stops only a hairsbreadth from doing so.
Despite the king's escape bids, the invasion, uprisings and a litany of deceptions, Parliament voted by a hairsbreadth to invite Charles to talks.
In several cases, we are aboard submarines such as Perch or Tang, which are depth-charged within a hairsbreadth of destruction.
The good-looking son of Kahyasi likes Cheltenham - he was fourth in the Supreme Novices' and pipped by a hairsbreadth in last year's Arkle Chase - and is still on course for a third visit despite the minor problems that have kept him on the sidelines this winter.
John Barrowman, Larbert, said: "The same players who were a hairsbreadth away from making the World Cup and the European Championship under Walter Smith and Alex McLeish are now struggling.
newscast when anchor Christina Munoz appeared a hairsbreadth away from weeping as she introduced the memorial.
Although his position was under threat from De Boeck and Willems, he remained an ECCI member and did not diverge by a hairsbreadth from the Comintern line.
To create a mental picture of that 100nm size limit, imagine something only one five hundredth of a hairsbreadth.
For that same reason, the great Socialist revolution was always just around the corner, a hairsbreadth away.