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a double pronged pin used to hold women's hair in place

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If Theresa married Willoughby," she remarked, turning the page with a hairpin, "one doesn't see what's to prevent Rachel--"
A hairpin will not remove it; therefore let us call it immovable.
A permanent fixture on the calendar since 1999, the Sepang circuit is one of the first F1 venues to have been designed by architect Hermann Tilke and features his trademark long straights, hairpins and fast esses.
Aveda light elements smoothing lotion, PS22 Wrap a plaited hairpiece around your knot, tuck ends under it and secure with hairpins.
To minimize the need for sequencing in this study, we used this approach with snapback hairpins to sequentially scan and genotype all CFTR exons for the 23 mutations and 7 common polymorphisms recommended by the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG).
I'm infamous for having messy hair--I use Bunheads big hairpins in the little tubes.
He said: "The circuit is one of the hardest to master with everything from fast straights to hairpins and 20-foot jumps - but that difficulty lends itself to my strengths and I love the place.
Andrew was riding at Scarborough for only the second time in the Cock of the North meeting, but proved he is beginning to master the torturous twists, turns and hairpins of the tight Scarborough circuit.
This release also features functional enhancements to the recently released Sibelius 4 and, coupled with GPO's own programming, allows for powerful and sensitive rendition of articulation and expression markings (including slurs, bowing and tremolo indications, hairpins and other dynamics, as well as all standard articulations) during playback.
l Pull the braids over your head to create an Alice-band effect and secure them with Scunci no-slip hairpins, pounds 1.
I was hanging on to the lead pack with all of us gracefully producing four-wheel drifts through the fast corners, yet darting and diving into the braking points for the hairpins.
The inventor first used hairpins to keep the slices together before conceiving a wrapping system.
There are more switchbacks, crossovers, U-turns, cul de sacs, hairpins, and dead ends than in Jack Welch's divorce negotiations.
Naturally Liu makes them pay, brandishing flagpoles, irons (giving new meaning to ``fluff and fold'') and an arsenal of deadly hairpins that he carries in a wristband.
It is as though underlying this entire book, with its confused dodges and castings about, were an argument that dared not speak its name except, contrariwise, through precisely such extremes of embarrassment and refusal - an argument first dropped (as hairpins are said to be) by Barthes himself in the following preparatory note to his biography of Roland Barthes: "homosexuality: all that it allows you to say, to do, to understand, to know, etc.