hairpin bend

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a U-shaped bend in a road

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Hotel Fairmont in Monaco is well known to Formula 1 fans as it's next to the famous hairpin bend on the circuit.
We travel in by double-decker train from Antibes - don't even think about trying to drive in on the big day - and take up residence in a private suite at the Fairmont Hotel, with a balcony overlooking the most famous hairpin bend in the world.
Seven students of the Sarabhai Institute of Science and Technology at Vellanad near here, and a crew member of the bus died in the accident when the bus veered off a hairpin bend and fell to the road below.
Reports said that the driver lost control of the vehicle when one of the bus tyres ruptured at a hairpin bend on the mountainous road.
he Princess died in 1982 when she lost control at the wheel after suffering a stroke and her car swerved off to a mountainside at a hairpin bend.
Driving the relatively standard left-hand drive MGZR car, Pryce and Williams had a moment early on when they mounted a grass verge exiting an over-tight hairpin bend and stranded the car with all four wheels off the floor, costing the pair valuable time.
The first riders were at the side of the road just before a hairpin bend and I noticed a 'clicking' from my front wheel about 50 yards before the bend.
With rain falling and the forest roads offering little traction, the pairing of Sion and Peredur Wyn Davies were lucky to only drop 10 seconds with a spin on a hairpin bend on the second stage.
It is believed the 64-yearold driver shouted a warning seconds before the coach hurtled off the road at a notorious hairpin bend on the steep descent from Alpe d'Huez.
jpg * RAY OF SUNSHINE: The trolleybus bound for Longwood on route 40 in June 1963 passes the hairpin bend at Joseph Hoyle''s Quarmby Clough mills.
On his most recent start he was a close-up fourth to Tingshaw Ring at Tramore and he should have few problems encountering the almost hairpin bend from the back straight into the straight.
Entering the hairpin bend Allen went through on the inside.
The tragedy happened when the coach approached a hairpin bend and crashed on April 16.
The driver, who is believed to be from Holmfirth, lost control after a hairpin bend and ploughed into the tree.
In fact, the course itself was at the centre of a lot of chatter as the redesign included a hairpin bend by Abergavenny's war memorial in Frogmore Street that brought the competitors to a virtual dead stop before they pushed hard again on the pedals.