hairpin bend

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a U-shaped bend in a road

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The hairpin bend and steep hill has presented drivers, in particular HGVs and other long vehicles, with a very challenging road to negotiate.
We travel in by double-decker train from Antibes - don't even think about trying to drive in on the big day - and take up residence in a private suite at the Fairmont Hotel, with a balcony overlooking the most famous hairpin bend in the world.
Driving the relatively standard left-hand drive MGZR car, Pryce and Williams had a moment early on when they mounted a grass verge exiting an over-tight hairpin bend and stranded the car with all four wheels off the floor, costing the pair valuable time.
The first of 21 gruelling stages of the 96th tour will follow much of the same course as the Monaco Grand Prix including the legendary Loews hairpin bend, La Rascasse and Casino turn.
As well as witnessing speed machines screeching through the top hairpin bend and on to the main straight past Kinneil house, visitors got to see some stunning cars, from old Mercedes to a mint condition Citroen 2CV, on display in the paddock area.
The first riders were at the side of the road just before a hairpin bend and I noticed a 'clicking' from my front wheel about 50 yards before the bend.
I'm staying at the Fairmont Hotel, easily recognisable to Formula 1 fans as it's next to the famous hairpin bend on the Monte Carlo circuit.
The resulting image, by top photographer Bryan Winstanley, shows the G320 navigating a hairpin bend on the B4391 between Llandrillo and Llangynog.
Continue up the valley, until the track takes a hairpin bend.
Chester has a finishing straight so short it would not do justice to a long jump pit and Murtagh went widest at its hairpin bend to finish a two-lengths second to Golden Sword.
Tenders are invited for Providing protection wall along the cutting sides of the existing Road from Power House -6 to Power House-6 Valve House between 5th and 6th hairpin bend in KPSHEP at Emerald in Nilgiris District
ntrol on a hairpin bend and was thrown from her bike, which has a top speed of 180mph.
With rain falling and the forest roads offering little traction, the pairing of Sion and Peredur Wyn Davies were lucky to only drop 10 seconds with a spin on a hairpin bend on the second stage.
The rider ahead of me went wide at the hairpin bend and I tried to cut underneath him.