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a small net that some women wear over their hair to keep it in place

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To hear a humble hairnet is the secret to keeping The Duchess' updos in place and looking sleek is a far cry from all the usual high-end gadgets and beauty lovers have rushed out to pick up hairnets in a bid to recreate these fabulous looks," she added.
We thought it would be a laugh to wear the rollers and hairnets and we were all set to go out afterwards then as well.
It makes it easy to recycle previously hard-to-recycle items like cleanroom garments, gloves, hoods, boot covers and hairnets.
Summary: Four hundred kids in Tyre donned plastic gloves and hairnets Sunday to help make a 220-meter-long cake, all for the sake of charity.
A good trick at this point is to get super fine hairnets that match your hair colour as closely as you can.
Every couple weeks, I go Woolworth's for buy my hairnets.
The report revealed that police did not wear hairnets and they handled evidence with dirty gloves.
Out go the hairnets and overalls as the girls do themselves up and head for the races.
Iran's national women's soccer team got its new FIFA-approved uniforms with hairnets last Wednesday, but the head of women's sport in Iran walked out of the unveiling in protest.
beside them, their hairnets and their clothes and skin stinking like old
Nydam briskly walked the length of the gymnasium, coaching her volunteers, stopping midstride to answer their questions, and making sure hairnets, gloves and aprons were worn before anyone entered the gym production area.
They made us wear hairnets, for hygiene reasons, and we had to get permission to go to the lavatory.
They clean their knives several times a day, are not allowed to chew gum or smoke, and they wear gloves and hairnets, he said.
The trademarks would even allow the club to produce branded goods like hairnets and sewing baskets.
Workers must also take precautions such as wearing coveralls, boots, hairnets and other protective gear that will be washed and discarded after work is completed in the barns to prevent the spread of ailments.