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a small net that some women wear over their hair to keep it in place

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De Boer believes the Beautycap to cause a comeback of the hairnet.
Nydam briskly walked the length of the gymnasium, coaching her volunteers, stopping midstride to answer their questions, and making sure hairnets, gloves and aprons were worn before anyone entered the gym production area.
I reckon it's all to do with years and years of stored-up energy suddenly having nowhere else to go which, as a result, catapults them out of their beds and through the door with nary enough time to don either a tabard or a hairnet.
Maybe the lunch lady's hairnet was on just a tad too tight?
MAD EP & DJ's armaged:DON, Stress, DJ Invisible Hairnet and visual, interactive and conceptual art from Barry Fox.
The beaming receptionist sounds his sonorous greeting and presents you with a hairnet and slippers.
Instead, the Holy of Holies drops unannounced into Joan's day dressed up as a cute boy, a cafeteria worker in a hairnet, a toddler on the playground.
A HAIRNET worn by Coronation Street legend Ena Sharples has been sold at auction - for just pounds 50.
She told him: "You've cut your last cabbage and worn your last hairnet, because you're going to Emmerdale.
A small hairnet, or snood if you can find the crochet pattern, is vital for this chignon.
This was all well and good, but in 1990 the World Wide Web had all the reach of a hairnet.
Her pal said she'd be happy if he could just get one without the accompanying hairnet and name tag.
The 32-year-old dance studio founder compounded the situation by being seen in an unattractive hairnet as she created a spicy noodle dish in a "ready meals" task, which buyers complained tasted bland.
And the management of one Caerphilly factory have already put their hairnet plan into practice.
Moss graces the front cover wearing a black hairnet, which is an item often worn by Spanish women following a bereavement.