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a very thin line

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the natural margin formed by hair on the head

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The single follicular units were placed in the anterior hairline while two, three and four grafts units were placed at the back.
None of the patients complained of a prominent unnatural anterior hairline or unnatural angles of the hair.
The patients were satisfied with the anterior hairline, direction of hair growth, density and naturalness (Figures 3).
Paula said: "Here at Hairlines we can offer the same service and standard as town centre salons but at more affordable prices and with the added bonus of free car parking.
Parking is available right outside Hairlines and opening times are Tuesday 9am to 5pm, Thursday 10am to 7.
Pictured above and right, Paula hard at work in the Hairlines salon, and (top) outside the salon at Mount
Celebrity hairdresser Paul Stafford said: "It definitely looks like the hairline is going backwards but it isn't helped by that haircut.
The pill: When Mike Schwartz was in his 20s, his friends made fun of his receding hairline.