hairline fracture

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a fracture without separation of the fragments and the line of the break being very thin

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However, those plans have been shelved after x-rays revealed Rocket Man had a hairline fracture of his off-fore cannonbone.
I understand he has a hairline fracture in his foot and could be out for three to four weeks.
On Wednesday, Ellis felt some heat in Declan's Moon's knee and had X-rays taken, which showed not only the hairline fracture, but also a nondisplaced chip that has not separated from the bone.
Even though he put on a brave face throughout his recent stay in the jungle, he suffered a serious hairline fracture while he was there.
His stock, which was soaring after his sophomore year, declined during a disappointing junior season in which he played through a hairline fracture of his collarbone and a painful ankle injury.
EVERTON breathed a sigh of relief yesterday after a second scan revealed their pounds 5million Nigerian star Joseph Yobo does not have a hairline fracture of his right leg as had been feared.
Trainer Aidan O'Brien said of last season's St Leger winner: "He had a hairline fracture in his pastern recently and will be off for about four weeks.
Perez was treated at a hospital for a hairline fracture to his left leg and released.
BISHOPS Court, who finished last in the Dubai Airport World Trophy at Newbury on Saturday, has sustained a hairline fracture in his pelvis and will miss the rest of the season.
HAZARIYA is to be retired after suffering a small hairline fracture of the cannonbone during the running of the Irish Oaks on Sunday.
Perry will play: Palmdale senior point guard Sandy Perry has a hairline fracture in her right (shooting) wrist but said she will continue to play through the pain.
Cole, 18, suffered a hairline fracture of his right leg at Derby on Saturday.
I think Jonjo will put him back in his normal box and we'll x-ray him every day to make sure the hairline fracture is not getting any worse.
X-rays taken after the game revealed a hairline fracture of the fourth metatarsal.
It is feared he has a hairline fracture and he could miss the rest of the season.