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a very thin line

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the natural margin formed by hair on the head

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Maria then pulled down tiny hairs that are beginning to grow from the front of her hairline for all to see.
50, our hairline tamer leaves edges looking and feeling healthier than before," said Mims Puckett.
Laboratory tests showed that these hairline cracks were due to localised impurity in the aluminium car-body material that occurred during the manufacturing process.
Contour the sides of your forehead to make your hairline appear narrower and under your jaw bone to reduce the sharpness of your face.
The affected areas are very small and the time required to address any hairline cracks found will take from one to two weeks.
However, a receding hairline did not seem to affect the risk.
While the 42-year-old supermodel still looked in great shape in her patterned bikini, all attention was focused on her hairline, with her exposed scalp causing concern.
He's been okay over the winter and he's been put into training a bit earlier after his hairline fracture.
The European Aviation Safety Agency yesterday announced it was extending inspections to the fleet of 68 A380s after 36 hairline cracks were found in the wings of an Australian Qantas jet.
The England striker later showed off the real results of his recent hair transplant, with his new hairline clearly sprouting well.
The anterior hairline was drawn preoperatively on each patient.
Hairline highlights Hairline highlights are exactly what they say - just a few highlights around the visible hairline and parting.
Linebacker Rey Maualuga also practiced without problems despite a hairline fracture in his wrist.
For dancers with fair hair, the hairline highlight is essential.
As it turns out, my hairline comes from a Scots-Irish family named Campbell, the Confederates of my title.