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4) As the name implies, HCL-v exhibits some, but not all, of the features of classic HCL, including hairlike cytoplasmic projections.
Four years ago, Itzhak Fried, a neurosurgeon at the University of California, Los Angeles, slipped several probes, each with eight hairlike electrodes able to record from single neurons, into the brains of epilepsy patients.
Moulds produce hairlike chains of cells called hyphae, these mat together to form the mycelium.
The tiny, white, hairlike roots growing on the sides of the watercress stems are edible; they do not have to be removed before eating.
There is a macabre quality to these mixed-media works, which are full of unraveling strands of wool and hairlike tangles of thread, which demands that the viewer go beyond the erotic and consider questions of staging, voyeurism, fantasy and objectification.
They'll then follow the coordinated sweeping motion of millions of hairlike cilia up and outward--the so-called mucociliary escalator--over the pharynx, where windpipe and food pipe branch, and plunge down into the esophagus.
Rambutan and pulasan produce edible fruits encased in coverings that have nubby or hairlike projections.
But soup did a better job than the hot water as it also improves the function of protective cilia, the tiny hairlike projections in the nose that prevent contagions from entering the body.
A thin and watery mucus is more easily moved against gravity with the beating of cilia, small hairlike projections from cells that line the respiratory tract.
For instance, hamsters that were exposed to dim light at night still showed a much reduced density of dendritic spines - hairlike growths on brain cells that are used to send chemical messages from one cell to another.
Mid- and hindlegs long, thin and whiplike, becoming increasingly thin and hairlike apically.
The reusable eyelashes are made from hairlike fibers, include adhesive and are easy to apply.
They make the eardrum vibrate, causing three tiny bones in the middle ear to vibrate, and that vibration travels to hairlike structures in the cochlea of the inner ear.
The upper and lower boundaries of vesicles, due to the hairlike structures, are hard to see except where the boundary is decorated by knobs.
On the canvas was the usual scene, with him in it--a small green slab with a dot for a head and a tiny, hairlike pole with no line.