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Synonyms for hairlessness

the condition of being void of hair

the quality of not having hair

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Only two studies (Toerien, Wilkinson, & Choi, 2005; Tiggemann & Hodgson, 2008) examined the issue of pubic hairlessness.
Specific features such as bipedalism, hairlessness and a larger brain distinguish the human from other animals - and the woman's role in evolution is key.
Australia and Canada, the athletes perceived hairlessness as being the ideal.
The evolution of human hairlessness has sometimes been explained by the "ecto-parasite avoidance hypothesis," which claims that females looking to avoid lice and other creepy crawlers developed a preference for less hairy men.
There are sincere and passionate descriptions of the sensual pleasure some women take in hairlessness and the light-hearted fun of vajazzling--defined by the Urban Dictionary as "decorating your vagina with sequins" (1) (although what's being decorated is technically the vulva).
For the trope of hairlessness as attractive in a boy, see Richlin 1983:34-44.
The authors even argue that sweating, hairlessness, and cranial cooling systems found in the human species, though certainly useful for walking, are essential for endurance running in hot climes.
The hairlessness is sinister because you can see the bones protruding at the hips.
London College from University Dartnell Lewis Dr astrobiologist and hairlessness, muscles underdeveloped head, Aswollen 4.
A swollen head, underdeveloped muscles and hairlessness, astrobiologist Dr Lewis Dartnell from University College London claims.
26-year-old Proud, who uses a wheelchair, will play a Best's son Adam; 20 A swollen head, rdeveloped muscles and hairlessness, biologist Dr Lewis Dartnell from University ge London claims; 21 Streets Ahead; 22 and Fortune; 23 Sadie King; 24 Father Noel ng, 25 George Dawes; 26 RKC Waalwijk; 27 rs Limpar; 28 Headingley; 29 Mariano a; 30 Royal Athlete; 31 Paul Rideout; 32 pool; 33 Andrew Flintoff; 34 Four; 35 Berlin; ; 37 Alex Bogdanovic; 38 Second; 39 it Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins; 40 esex; 41 Panathinaikos; 42 Volleyball; 443 Betis; 4 James Milner; 45 South Africa; 46 ey; 47 Gavin Hamilton; 48 Construction; 49 ish; 50 Warrington Wolves.
A Either because hairlessness equals nakedness which suggests sexiness or because you were charged up by the unexpectedness of what you saw and alertness IS arousal.