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Synonyms for hairiness

the quality of having hair

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Following, he study conducted by Zeltner showed that conventional bobbin winding process increases hairiness of spun thread in some cases by more than 55%.
In affected males, early balding or excessive hairiness can be a sign that the genes have been inherited.
Primary and secondary male characteristics: The hairiness and large penis stereotypes.
We found that plant size, leaflet size, extent of leaflet hairiness, the angle and extent of sporocarp nodding, and the curvature of the peduncle demonstrated variability that might preclude their taxonomic utility for species delimitation.
The result came as a surprise because it's widely accepted that females use traits such as a deep voice, hairiness and muscle size as a way of sensing a man's virility, which is the same in the animal kingdom.
The prior is uncharacteristically symmetrical, given that hairiness was a standard mark of masculinity.
However, several health risks listed in the Surgeon General's Report--such as sleep apnea, complications of pregnancy, menstrual irregularities, and hirsutism (excessive hairiness for women)--were not included in this study because they were not available in HRS data (probably because they are less relevant to individuals age 50 and over).
Whatever the case, is it not totally ludicrous to associate hairiness with inferiority?
For other traits, like leaf hairiness and pod coat thickness the mean ranged from 0.
He was proud of it and utterly comfortable in his hairiness.
Hairiness made sense for an early hominid species that lived in forests, had infants that could hang on to mothers with grasping toes, and, despite walking upright, couldn't go anywhere fast in tireless pursuit of anything, says anthropologist and Ardi researcher Owen Lovejoy of Kent State University in Ohio.
You can feel that hairiness with your tongue," says Ledbetter.
There are many varieties that will provide you with a wide range of colour, texture and hairiness.
Like soft forceps, this expanded stretch of narrow skin pulls the ends back to lay exposed areas of hairiness.