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Synonyms for hairy

Synonyms for hairy

Synonyms for hairy

having or covered with hair


hazardous and frightening

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But when you've got the power of Liquid-Plumr, you can grow, tease and wash your 'do all you want without worrying about clearing the toughest, hairiest clogs.
It would be a bit pointless shaving it off when you're Britain's hairiest man.
With some of the shows, such as the world's hairiest man, there's more room to have a bit of fun.
First and foremost, is Seamus Durack the world's hairiest man?
Until he was dropped on 147 at short cover, Powell's hairiest moment came instantly when he pushed into the offside and was almost beaten by Chris Taylor's direct hit.
My lasting memory of it is it overheating and bursting into flames on the M53 - certainly one of my hairiest driving moments.
In fact weaning had been such a big hit with the hairiest member of the family that, after a week of shovelling so-called solids, I surrendered to temptation and took the merest of tastes myself.
Horslips, one of the best rock bands ever to come out of Ireland - certainly one of the hairiest - walked off the Whitla Hall stage in Belfast 25 years ago and into history.
But Barry, the hairiest member of the Bee Gees claims:
LONDON - Guinness World Records, which has spent the last half-century recording the achievements of others, from the largest airsick bag collection to the hairiest family, is preparing for a feat of its own.
LITTLE Supatra Sasuphan has been named the world's hairiest girl - and she's delighted.
As the premiere's title sponsor, Swiffer will be sweeping up at the "Hotel for Dogs" Celebrity Dog Green Room, where the hairiest stars of the movie will primp before their red carpet appearance.
BEAR HUG: Sam with his nephew Josh, two; BRUSH WITH FAME: Sam Smith from Blaydon has been named the country's hairiest man in a national competition
Even if it turns out I am related to the hairiest caveman in ancient Britain.
Westmead Hawk is certainly the hairiest star we've ever created," said Jim Kempton of Madame Tussauds studios.