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Synonyms for hairy

Synonyms for hairy

Synonyms for hairy

having or covered with hair


hazardous and frightening

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Russell says: "It starts off with me, then me with fake teeth and contact lenses, then I've got hair laid on to make my face look hairier.
The questions ranged from, "Are you hairier than all of your friends?
When Schwartz started looking for a house though, things got a bit hairier.
I've told her she's much hairier than I'm used to but she says she prefers to be natural.
Other pics have had a hairier time: "Alexander" got raked over the coals in 2004 for Colin Farrell's blonde dye job and the pic mustered a tepid bow; it took in just $34.
As far as womanscaping, she says, "there is a cadre of lesbians who like hairier women, the she-bears of the sapphic world.
E-mail has never been a foolproof way of sending information, and lately it has become even hairier, with well-meaning but overzealous antispam filters blocking legitimate messages.
E-mail has never been a fool-proof way of sending information, and lately it has gotten even hairier, with well-meaning but overzealous anti-spam filters often blocking even legitimate messages.
A transgenic mouse was created that is hairier than other mice, and mice follicle cells were persuaded to grow hair after they were implanted in another animal, suggesting that a baldness cure might be possible.
When the conversion is complete, the regulatory changes will come in an easily implemented quarterly package from PeopleSoft, but getting to that point is often a lot hairier than schools anticipate, says Kristine Wright, interim director of the Office of Student Finance at the University of Minnesota.
They're not only fun to read; there's a ton that could be creatively adapted to a business much hairier than entertainment and amusement park rides.
I've asked my father, and he told me the more you shave, the hairier your legs become.
Tonight's special brings us up to Australopithecus, basically just hairier versions of us who hadn't yet quite risen to the top of the food chain.
The last and only curved body in a line of bared chests, some of them hairier than others, some pudgier, all of them somebody's father, son, even grandfather.
The Buk Book, although lifting much of this information from other sources, uncited, does provide some of those wilder, hairier anecdotes of the Rabelaisian Buk, but the "musings" seem largely a justification for the publishing of the outlandishly bawdy photos.