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Synonyms for hairy

Synonyms for hairy

Synonyms for hairy

having or covered with hair


hazardous and frightening

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For younger bees, which are hairier than their elders, scientists need to shave them first before the 2.
We want to be efficient with some of the hairier deals without losing sight of our bottom-line commercial loans.
The challenges there only get hairier when organizations bring their channel partners into the mix.
WITH Chris Paisley heading for the uncertainty of Q School, having lost his card in his first season on the European Tour, he can take heart from the encouraging prediction of a man who has overcome even hairier moments.
This is normal during puberty, especially if your family is on the hairier side," says Dr.
Featuring a far hairier model, Accolo's version quickly racked up over 18 million hits on YouTube.
During the month of November each year, the Movember charity asks men across the world to grow a moustache and our man and fellow school governor David Axtell are getting hairier each day.
Elmo Lincoln, the first screen Tarzan, was hairier than the apes and had to have his chest and legs shaved before battling Old Charlie.
Whoa, your legs are hairier than Dumbledore's chin" and "i'll empty the bins later" come next in line.
Staff at Utopia Retreat, in Old Roan, are no strangers to ripping off the waxing strips, but today their clientele will look a little different, and be a bit hairier than nor mal.
Things get bigger that you don't want to get bigger, things get smaller that you don't want to get smaller, things get hairier that you don't want to get hairier, things get less hairy that you don't want to get less hairy, things go colours that they have never been before, moist bits become dry, dry bits become moist.
If you had hairier floor mats than your neighbour you were streets ahead in terms of cred.
Berlyn recalled one of the hairier moments during his 51 years at the controls of various types of aircraft.
I waited for the crackling sexual tension to die down between the dynamic pair of assistants, and then, as the hairier one ambled forward, I handed over my book.
All these films provide an excellent hairier to moisture, a good barrier to gases and aromas and have a wide heat-seal range.