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a flat wire hairpin whose prongs press tightly together

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Harriett Szwed, an 18-year-old student from Guisborough, said: "I look for hairgrips, lighters as well.
Unable to find her sea horses, she rummages in the pocket of her shorts; but instead of a couple of hairgrips she pulls out an envelope.
Then we walked in fear that the hairgrips wouldn't hold and we'd incur the wrath of Sister Winifreda if it all went a bit wonky
Stock-taking was a day when it was like dipping into a big bran tub, finding fancy hairgrips, 'invisible' hairnets, nit combs and forgotten drawers of stiff, loose white collars.
They gave me a couple of hairgrips and said make sure it doesn't fall off again.
Her platinum blonde locks were pinned back with dozens of hairgrips as she turned up on the arm of designer Jean Paul Gaultier at the launch of his autumn/ winter collection.
Tuck the ends in at the top and secure the twist with hairgrips and extra-hold hairspray.
Apart from all that, this is a modern world and children will have access to immensely powerful computers in their hairgrips by the time they finish school.
I've heard of people cleaning their ears with pen tops, paperclips and hairgrips - leave them alone
50 Per Una @ & Spencer; distressed belt, pounds 12 Topshop; multi-bead necklace, M&S; white beads (on pounds 6, butterfly necklace, pounds 8earrings, pounds 5, all Freedom @Topshop; jewelled hairgrips, pounds 25 each, John Lewis.
It started when Mrs L spent cash on some brightly-coloured plastic thingamibobs, a genetically-engineered cross between pegs and hairgrips, to seal up packets of frozen peas etc to return to the freezer.
50, both John Lewis; handbag, pounds 10, and hairgrips, pounds 5, both Marks & Spencer