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Synonyms for hairgrip

a flat wire hairpin whose prongs press tightly together

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com (020-7229 0563); jewelled hair slide, pounds 4, Claire's Accessories; Take Aways hairgrips, pounds 1.
Next, starting at the crown, take a 1in clump of hair, make a loose loop around your finger, then fix in place with two crossed hairgrips.
3 Attach a three-quarter hairpiece immediately behind the backcombed hair and secure with hairgrips.
It started when Mrs L spent cash on some brightly-coloured plastic thingamibobs, a genetically-engineered cross between pegs and hairgrips, to seal up packets of frozen peas etc to return to the freezer.
In short, they behaved exactly like you'd expect a football team which wears so many hairgrips to behave.
Now pull the ponytail upwards and place a line of hairgrips up the back of your head, before folding the length of hair over the row of grips.
l Place hairnet at the temples, fixing firmly with hairgrips placed vertically so they blend invisibly with the hair.
To liven up a short style grab pieces of hair on the crown, give 'em a twist, then pin in place using two hairgrips - one going one way, the other going the opposite so they make a cross and the hair sticks up.
Their tune Kandy Pop was listed in NME's top 100 Britpop tunes of the 90s and they influenced a diverse group of acts from The Cribs and CSS to Chvrches, while Manda inspired a generation of indie girls to wear plastic hairgrips.
But the only tiaras I've ever seen were worn by a couple of giggly seven-year-olds whose headgear was anchored firmly by hairgrips and were just the thing for what was clearly a birthday outing to the ballet.